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Meaning of ZoSo Led Zep w Basque translation - Peace Process

1st: Did you know that Hogans Heros episode " Never play cards with Stranger", Lebow says "Spacibo" for thanks (its russian, istead of German).. they didn't edit it out.  lol 
Is it the actual answer or just Blarney
    Does the ZoSo Symbol  with what appears to be possibly a burner or symbol for fire or ol fashion oil lamp, under it,  mean dreaming while energy is imparted to them, being "fried" or lit or Enlightened ?   Read below how its interesting that the ZoSo could come out to mean:  "Z" undivided complete and whole very much comprehensive , and also "fried" or Enlightened?
     Jimmy Pages website has at  the word BASQUE prominently on the 2nd line

    IF so, a Possible" clue and support for that is from Page's own words "Frying tonite" when after a performance he was asked what his symbol ZoSo means.  Or maybe the whole Zepplin band was a party "en force" , and frying tonite' meant they planned the "usual" all night rave with the obvious women who they confided in.  Zeoplin on S orgy?  You decide... we think it was just something profound yet so personal that he doesn't tell anyone, they all went away and presumably at least 1 day or more later came back with the symbols for the new LZ4.   Or was "ZoSo" really just another way to say Zeus one with, wholly entirely EnLightened ed with the Lamp, or Energy of the Son.   After all "STH" could be argued (by a good lawyer) to be a gospel song if not rock genre?  

Z = sleep, dream, daydream, zen, fantasy or Zepplinite ?
On the JimmyPage official web page the 2nd line says in Large Font "BASQUE"  (interesting) 

O, so translating from the Basque language we get : 

oso = "very, much, " in BASQUE language, also means whole,complete, comprehensive, entire, undivided, all from Basque language
Translations of oso from Basque to English
very = oso
much = oso

whole = oso
complete = oso
comprehensive = oso
entire = oso
undivided = oso
Or maybe bluntly it just meant Page & the band "Z" undivided complete and whole very much comprehensive , and Energized or  "fried" or Enlightened? ( Zepplin on Sex orgy = ZoSo ) ?  LOL 

*More references to Basque and ZoSo are in other pages and also an attendee (at end of list)  known as "Phlzoso" and Basque but of coures all these are after the original LZ4 release date of 1971.


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