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Attic AC TIP: if drip pan overflows check to make sure drip pan coil fins are not clogged, also drain line clear, you can even cut a 18" access hole in the plenum or conduit/duct (bevel edges 45 deg so it will press on but not thru when you tape it back on with metal duct tape), to look at the coils and inspect drip pan, you can get coil/fin cleaner at the home depot which a foam that later drips off taking dirt with it (vacuum it out of now accessible drip pan later), clogged/dirty coil fins can freeze the water too much leading to a deluge of water that may over run the drip pan capability or end up running down the duct work and dripping out on your ceiling (if in attic).  * this is for the evaporator type that is only about 5-6" thick, but 2 ft high and 2 ft across but may work for other systems as well.  You can get something like that "As seen on TV" rubber snake" and snake back into the primary drip pan from the T fitting cleanout located near where the pvc drip tube comes out. 



FRUIT TREE TREATMENTS FOR CANKER / CITRUS GREENING FUNGI; ( my fruit orange tangerine tangelo tangerine grapefruit tree is dying ? )

1. For CANKER: Neem Tree Oil Extract avail at local hardware , get the one with the spray attachment that hooks to your hose, its alot more concentrated than the hand spray bottle and its preset to meter the right amount of Neem Oil onto the tree, Spray tree liberally until its running off, treat once a week for 4 weeks.  Neem oil is organic which means it won't be poisonous to your plants or fruit, they even say you can treat fruit trees up to one week before harvest.   COST:  $17 for 70% concentrated with spray nozzle for garden hose, refills are $10.  After treatments once a week for 4 weeks I can not see any improvement nor do I see more damage?

2. UPDATE:  Simply watering regularly (ie 1 x day for 1 min) makes Citrus SURVIVE" &* 1x year fertilizer helps, but it doesn;t cure CItrus Greening, The malady turns leave turn yellow and fall off fruit trees) is caused by a bacteria that lives inside the "flesh" /wood of the body of the tree, U of FL alludes antibiotics *didn't work* such as Tetracycline (avail at feed store).and Staphamycin (sp?) may cure this problem. They saying it has applied inside the wood, so they plan laser cutting into tree, and then apply antibiotic, then seal with wax spray. I may try to simply inject into the root area.  Update 2019: my tangelo has about 45 fruits, nice and juicy, grapefruit maybe 15, lemon tree 1, fruit, I guess the main idea is that the extra water and fertilizerhelps them survive hopefully until a total cure can be found. 

CHEAP INSECT aphid beetles Teatment for plants / trees fruit trees too:  (prob won't cure canker though prob use Neem Oil for that, not sure on that) Insects eating my plants. 

 CHEAP THRILL but said to be the best for insects? :   Take 5 cigarettes (or handful of butts)  mix with chili pepper and cayenne pepper in coffed pot of boiling water overnight, use coffee filter to filter out large particles , put in hand pump spray bottle with a bit of Palmolive dish soap (1 squirt), shake and spray on trees.   The purveyor said it was the best cure of all to get rid of insects.  If you like me don't smoke you'll have to borrow the cigarettes. 

LAWN Watering for trees, wait until your dollar store bucket beings to leak, then use it to water your plants, Just fill and set so leak is on / near trunk..  

MILDEW RETARDENT for PAINT:   My paint keeps getting mildew every few years.? :  How can I prevent mildew get rid of mildew/mold?

    There is a special additive you can get from internet (paint stores don't like to sell it ? do they think it impedes their paint sales?) called Krud Kutter a "mildewcide" Mc-2,  the active ingredient is 2-(4-Thiazoly( Benzimidazole... you get get it on internet (amazon and others). Add 1 packet to 1 gallon of paint mix very well , it comes as gel for easier mixing with the paint vs powder versions  (Powder version require pre-mixing with hot water for latex paint or if paint is oil based you will for the powder version have to really mix it very very well or use some preferably hot generic turpentine (be careful flammable) to be sure the powder is mixed well.  ) Cost :  $3.50 ? 

InMyHumbleOpinion:  To kill mildew on walls and ceilings and floors, one can simply use clorine (clorox) keep well ventilated, don't breathe in clorine or let it get on or in your body. , thats what they use for the pool decks/concrete.   INMH:  "some" mold is really miildew just let go for years until it builds up to a krud that looks horrible and can cause breathing problems.  Or use spray bottle to spray it on (maybe 2 or more times to really get it all). 


Printer Copiers etc

Generally, inkjets are tedious to deal with and so I prefer the lazerjet types (u can get a used lazerJet for under $100 usually with near full toner cartridge, Brother is a good brand) , for B&W printing copying etc.  Inkjets tend to dry out, use extra ink to clean the heads, and seemingly endless cycling to just print 1 page, as well as the ink will "run" if it gets even the slightest moisture on the page, etc ..     MOST inkjet types can set to just print in B&W either thru control panel -->printers in iwin10, and some even allow you to set the printer that by using the printer menu button, somewhere in the ink cartridge sections sub-menu's ? search internet for your model type for more info on that. 

   Epson printer " ink cartridge not recognized " error message is not always meaning that the cartridge is out of ink, sometimes simply taking the cartridges out and putting them back in reset something in the logic chip and that allows the printer to keep functioning quite a bit longer this is especially true for the generic low-cost cartridges and especially the color ones. We recommend not opening a new cartridge until you have done this as usually the cartridge has some more ink in it and you will save your money. Good luck this is a good day to turn your life over 2 peace work instead of War, peace meaning make peace not war

Fix that old electric gremlin problem. HURRICANE tricks.

You might try unplugging each and every connection, clean, with wire brush or sandpaper (removing surface oxidation/corrosion), then re-plug 4 times each to insure any areas not accessible are at least friction cleaned.  IE  one guy fixed his snowmobile by simply unplugging and re-plugging in each and every connector on his vehicle.. it worked.   Oxidation and corrosion are bugaboo's for anything not soldered and circuit boards as well where cracked solder joints are big problems ie car dashboard instrument clusters.   Similarly a voltmeter acting crazy (if not the battery) can be made to work again just by rotating the dial selector back and forth 5 or 10 times (cleans the little contacts inside).  Same for old volume controls etc. 

        Common ground (negative usually) points are also problem areas for corrosion/oxidation/cracked solder joints etc.  in the dodge caravan the common ground point was something like point G300 and was under the door pylon plastic near the drivers seat, in one case the nut was not even tightened. 

    yes, old hurricane electric outage trick, freeze and many "plastic" water bottles as you can and put in spare space in freezer, same for fridge.  Don't  use ice bags because they LEAK spilling water all over when you open fridge.   Tweak by freezing your fav drinks so you always have a nice cold drink when you need it as well as saving gobs of energy.

Magic Tack Troubles:  6. Suggest you call your interent service and "insist" they "REBOOT" & "REBUILD" your modem connection to "reinitialize" the connection. If lights not on on MJ try alternate pwr supply: 1a: take your MJ and plug into PC, it should auto update the sw at that point...that may fix it (it did not fix it for me). (try a ph call from pc with MJ plugged in 2. Check all cables of all kinds wifi/ tellephone / power, 3. Turn off all devices connected to MJ, 4. Turn off modem (unplugging ower to wifi power usually does this for you wait 1 min, then replug 5. UPLUG any other or turn off any other things that use internet: Including smart phones (airplane mode is ok i think), pc's, ROKU's, smart tv & even any appliances; the wifi may be overloaded even though you got highs speed, it can impede the flow of data from MJ. Doing all of the above fixed my system enough so that I could overcome the comm error 20 and now can fax again (i was so close to ordering another MJ. Good luck... the final fix is to simply call MJ and ell them their unit went bad, they will offer you a discount on a new one.. I had to do that 3xsince 2007 ?