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Laptop Win7 TIPs



   For Cutdptal issues always make sure the phone data is on and the phone has at least 3 signal

strength bars.  IF its a charge port bad, you might be able to get it to work by temperature "warming"

the charge port area of the phone (ie with hair dryer on low for just maybe 20 seconds), this may cause

hairline cracks in the solder joints to temporarily rejoin, this worked for us so we could back up data. Possible

fix for this charge port is $7amazon DIY install or try take port out and heat with hot air until solder behind the

port liquifies for a moment (use carfully 590F=310C temp) where all the tiny solder connections are, cool &

reinstall, this worked for us.

   Charging Probs:   1st check cables chargers and sure there is no lint in micro usb port (use tiny sliver of  toothpick 

and magnifier ), and removed battery and sim and restarted, if charge problem persists:  Wipe/Clear cache data (Not

all data, Not factory reset) in 2 places: Go settings, Storage, Cached Data, choose "clear cached data for all apps",

2nd Cache to clear: (Pwr ph off then Press "on" & "Up Volume" keys together then at first light let off (or

for s5 "on" & "Hm" & "Up Volume" keys) to start phone in recovery menu, Highlight Wipe Cached Data with dn vol

key, push on key to select, VERY CAREFUL DO NOT do WIPE DATA/ DO NOT do FACTORY RESET!, Restart ph.

    This old S3 (Bera) solution was another possible solution, with a few additions by InventPeace Not War !  

Adity Bera's Original s3 solution with our additions is: 

       1. Turn on mobile data,

2. If you see an mms in you messaging text msg area that is not downloaded, just try to delete that


3.  Clik on menu/settings within text msg area, turn off auto retrieve

4.  Open general settings for tablet/phone , more, date and time, turn off auto date/time and auto time

zone. (and we say any other auto updates or retrieves that may be tying up the system).

5. Load play store, choose my apps, update all. 

6. Goto settings , more, , about Device, Software Updates, Update .  

6b   Turn off auto update and any other auto's you see there.

6c. Turn off in settings auto Location, it may be trying to always locate you and thus jam the


6d.   also deleted some threads of text messages that seemed to have pictures in them or that I

didn't care about just to be safer (this also seems to clear ram memory too).

6e. Do "Safe Start" if you can or just restart. (safe start: pwr off, then on key, then after 1st light, push dn

vol key, be careful Not to try custom os install). 

6f.  If this fails try replacing the charge port fairly easy ($7amazon), Better than losing all data. 

Warning:  The last resort is Factory Reset but you should first wait until the charge port works temporarily

(mysteriously?) and  use kies or other sw backup system to save everything you can, you can even use

a camera to take screen shots of things of importance and copy them to your pc. 

7.  Factory reset can be done via, menu, settings, accounts, Backup options, Back and reset, Factory

Data Reset, but again you will lose your phonebook , pics, emails, call log, text msgs, etc.

Galaxy NOTE 8.0 tablet phone TIPS

Samsung Galaxy EMAIL fails to load or refresh "Not enough Memory":  Chk "Task Manager" for RAM usage ActiveApps Storage Downloads & close unneeded apps, delete unneede emails, clear cache memory, delete or move pics, vids, to sd card, delete pics&videos from text msgs w pics or vids; Application Manager: Uninstall or move apps to SD (scroll rt to see all apps), force stop all email processes, restart phone.

Possible Solution:  TASK MANAGER (Not ApplicationManager) :  You can get to task manager by holding down the HOME key until you see a window that will have the task manager button at the bottom, within task manager you can see which applications are using up your RAM memory, and you can close or end them to free up memory, this is probably the quickest way to at least temporarily be able to clear enough memory to use your device again. You can also uninstall apps here too under Downloads tab.  (To Move apps goto Applicattions Manager  below.) Under "Storage" you can see Device and SD card capacities. 

DELETE UNNEEDED emails of all types (if your ph email is synched to your pc & if you have alot emails to delete, it may easier to delet emails on pc by sorting them by subj or address) 

Also you may go to "files" which is before the" settings" option,if you're wondering, and delete or move to an SD card or to your laptop or computer, every possible picture, sound, or video, file or other high megabyte items, specifically the download folder which seems to be tied to email downloads as well, make sure especially that unimportant  videos are moved to SD card  or deleted.

      Next go to your text messages and delete all TEXT message pictures/videos either incoming or outgoing, sometimes if not important, it may be advisable just to delete the whole thread for a specific chat in the text message arena, (don't delete the contact obviously from your phone book but instead just in the message area you can hold down on a contact thread and it will pop up with one of the options being to delete the thread). The pictures and text messages take up some memory  and I am not totally sure this is the exact solution that I am just repeating what worked for us we could not, we could not refresh or load new emails and constantly got the message " not enough memory", so after going through several iterations of deleting and moving things to the SD card finally after rebooting ( restarting ) the phone while I now we can view our new emails again hoping it will last, best of luck, Samsung should really have a better system to alert the user what is causing the problem and what can be done to alleviate it such as moving all the email and all the text to an SD card but it doesn't seem to have that option at this point in time. 

You may also want to go to the settings, "Application Manager" and scroll horizontally across to the right, believe it or not, and move as many applications to the SD card as you can, also u may want to go to the email application which doesn't seem to be movable, and force it to stop its several process's, it will give you a message saying this may cause your email not to work until you restart the phone but that's okay, so then after that restart the phone and hopefully the email will function properly again instead of giving you the memory error.  It did for us.  And while you are in the settings area be sure to clear the "cache" memory as well.  

 I believe that the point of all this moving and deletion is to reduce the size of apps which when running then in turn use then less RAM MEMORY.



Solution: you may very well need to create a new APN, just go to Access Point names

in the settings otherwise known as APN, and click on Add new APN, 

just edit the list of options to match the old APN ex ept use new APN NAME, and save it

with new APN name.  Now  go back one screen, 

make sure that this new APN is selected as active or on.    Restart phone, delete all old messages that may  

still be trying to send an MMS if necessary delete the thread that has "sending" next to the msg, 

now restart phone again and send yourself a pic.   This worked for us after long time on phone with Straight Talk Rep

if this doesn't solve the problem with MMS send receive, then try a smaller picture size to

send in your text messages (change resolution to lowest , try new mms send). 



 Solution,  change smart screen from on to off,

restart phone, see if you get more time (go to

Settings, display, find smart screen option, turn smart screen off or deselect it).



Update 2016, Best to return intl version and get Usa "unlocked" Phablet (tablet/Phone) as GT-N5100 Psst: if you go "online IE" you can get the international versions that are UNLOCKED meaning you can then get any sim card to work in you phone/tablet combo: this makes your cost for UNLIMITED EVERYTHING only $45/mo (ie Straight Talk) and NO CONTRACT... we are saving about $850/year... so that pays for 2.5 of these NOTE 8.0 Tablets.. making the insurance almost moot.   You can not get an unlocked phone in stores, it must be ordered online.   Also get the magetic smart charge protective cover online also, its folds int a triangle which you can then use as a stand to make your tablet jstand up horizontally.. AND it also serves as a great shoulder assist to make it easier to hold the tablet when using it as a phone (GT-N5100 samsung Galaxy 8.0 does both wifi and cell tower data, and can even very easily be set to function as a hotspot for your friends who only have wifi in their tablets), so the arm rest is a great way to hold the phone in between your shoulder and head while you talk.. It also has a very good speaker phone. 

 1. UPLOAD PHONEBOOK to Galaxy NOTE 8.0 : This is how you can take any SAMSUNG phonebook contact list from your old phone and restore it or upload it to your new android operated tablet or phone.  (scroll to right if you can't read all the text, the wizards are not perfect).  DON"T FORGET TO REGISTER WARRANTY (for International version you may have to use malaysia samsung website (see below under Psst). 

SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 8.0 Tablet Phone International Unlocked version GT-N5100 ANDROID  version D RESTORE PHONEBOOK CONTACTS via .CSV (comma separated format) or from PC STUDIO.  From old samsung non android phone.

     IF you have a .CSV file.. you can follows the general steps below to upload contacts to your new tablet/phone. (if you don't have a .CSV file already its easy to create one. **)

Goto  and download and install the appropriate version of KIES for your android version

Kies is a program that allows you to upload phone contacts from csv file** and many other things such as media, pics, etc.TMI (if you don't have .csv phonebook contact file don't worry, just go to bottom** and create one, easy). 

Reboot PC. 

 IMPORTANT: You must first also Go into tablet phone, contacts , and create at least one contact on the DEVICE (not on the SIM card)... device has 9GB avail.. so its really unlimited whereas a sim card is limited.   This is so that KIES can find an already existing phone file in the tablet. 

 If any of the old or new devices have passwords its best to first disable them temporarily so that PCS and KIES and see them ok.

   Now start KIES and connect your new Tablet/ph to the PC via a usb cable.

   You should see your device listed on the upper left.

    You then need to find in the menu someplace where it says Import to KIES or similar.

     Find the .csv file in the folder location, and clik on import ok or similar .. it does it very fast, TO KIES... then

    (*oh yeah,, just clik ok on the defaults when it asks you to set up the csv fields  at "this" point. )

    You are very close to being done at this point.  Now goto menu file etc and find where it says to EXPORT TO DEVICE *(or SYNC)... follow the instructions and presto, 2000 numbers can be uploaded in just 15 seconds *much faster than PC studio) and a nasty job is done neat and clean.   Took me a long time on the phone with samsung , none of them knew how to do this.    So you can thank me by praying for my troubles to go away.  THANKS AHEAD OF TIME !!!


CREATING  .CSV phone contact file if you don't already have one 

** Download PC Studio (PCS), reboot PC, connect old phone via usb cable, the PC studio will recognize your old phone and , then you can select "SYNC" , it will download all your contacts to the PCS window.. "use the phonebook icon".

2.  then from the "menu" select Export contacts"  be sure to select .csv file format first, then put a name on the file and store it on your hardrive by cliking ok.. it will then take all your contacts form PCS and back them up in a .CSV file... now you can proceed with KIES 2.6 if using below android 4.3 and KIES 3.0 if using above android 4.3 on your new phone.  The tablet in the headline has android 4.2.2 for example so you would choose KIES 2.6 , not the 3.0 version. 



Psst:: For the SAMSUNG International version GT-N5100; you will be forced to seek help from india or singapore (maylasia ) sams


1. ALARM CLOCK WON'T WORK ?   TRY THIS:  Goto settings, Lock Screen, Enable Wake Up on Lock Screen, it worked for me (so far fingers crossed)... this may probably also work for the S2, S3, and other GALAXY devices since they all seem to use either the same or similar software ( Android).   The alarm i am using is the built in one that came with the NOTE 8.0 tablet, and I am also able to make it work using the "S Voice" commands,, IE " Wake me up at 5 am.... it speaks back, etc sets it,.. just set the phone/tablet down:  and YES it works with the case protector closed !! 
2.  Alarm clock won't work with case protector closed Samsung Galaxy NOTE 8.0 (read above)  

Psst:  For the SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 8.0 Tablet Phone International Unlocked version GT-N5100; you will be forced to seek help from india or singapore (maylasia ) samsung sites. 
  I think the india site is best 
its  ( )as they at least have a live chat that works (if you fit into their 10am to 7pm (their time) agenda) (don't let on that its a malaysia phone or they pass the buck to maylasia who are iffy ).. 

The malaysia site is:   they supposedly offer live chat but I could never get it to answer, and the 800 number never rings?  The USA websites do NOT have that model listed *which is a mistake if you get a chance tell , please tell them ,  that since all their data instructions manuals are online, the USA sites Samsung sites should support it as well.    Sometimes the email from malaysia works, sometimes no answers? 

DON"T FORGET TO REGISTER WARRANTY (for International version you may have to use malaysia samsung website (see below under Psst). 


The samsung procedure for KIES is "supposedly" here but as said their reps didn't know how it works at least for all of one night: