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AOL won't send file, says its open in another program etc;  1.  Try first to see if there is an icon for a program on the taskbar that could be using the file.  2. if not then try to reduce the size of the Name of the file , detach from email, then goto folder , and rename the file with a shorter name, then reattach the file in aol, and send. .3. if this doesn't work try type Procexp.exe in start search box (process Explorer for Win10 type Taskmanager and clik on it above or type Run Taskmgr in search box near start button hit enter}, goto find, then find handler/dll, type in the filename and clik ok.  it will show you the process's that are using that file.  You can then turn that program or service off, see if the file is able to be sent now. 

 The Microsoft Safety Scanner   is a free downloadable security tool that provides on-demand scanning and helps remove viruses, spyware, and other malicious software. It works with your existing antivirus software. 


MAGNAVOX DTV Digital Television Converter box remote TB110MW9 code solution (or find one on ebay)


:  The cheapest easiest fix we could find (after hours of looking for code for "one for all" universal to no avail), was to simply go to walmart and for $8 get the RCA universal remote, it has a special section in the code literature for DTV converter boxes (about 20 different brands including Magnovox)... it worked the first time.. easy to program (hold down dtc button at same time enter 5 digit code with other hand (51563),  your're done, Easy).  menu functions work as well with menu button, also program info can be gotten with the guide button, then use right arrow to access future program info, etc.. ) Nice unit, seems to be the only one for a decent price that we could find that was an immediate solution.  It also allows for 2 other devices such as TV and DVD or VCR or DVR or Satelite units to be controlled from same unit.. i'd get 2 to use in different rooms so you don't have to re-learn a new remote every time you change rooms.    also has learning feature, and quick learn if you can just enter the first code, if it doesn't work you simply hit power button to automatically go to next code for your device brand.  neat.  Not the ultimate but for the price very good.   

*Use white tape and write all the codes for your devices such as DTC  TV DTV DVD VCR DVR SATELLTE ETC on the back tape and tape it to the back of your universal remote to save you time.. also put the instructions for entering the code so you won't have to search again for the instruction next time arround, place instructions in safe place.

Welcome to INVENTPEACE.COM...TV ISSUES FREE TV & other tricks. This page is a catchall for interesting information on a myriad o

1.  VCR or TV only plays in Black and White B/W or VCR won't record in color but will play back in color FIX: ie for EMATIC AT103 DTV converter box & others use remote control to set resolution below HDMI ie 720; Fixed ours. Also take off the thin plastic shrink wrap that is covering cooling vents on top.  For other conv boxes use menu or remote to change to less than HDMI quality (old vcr's can't handle HDMI). 

2.  Free antenna using old satellite dish; take off the LNB* (2 small screws) ;solder or clip on a wire or 2 to the top of the dish, insulate so no wire touch's dish (if its grounded); waterproof all connection, AIM dish towards nearest DTV tower ( google search nearest DTV Tower), be sure to aim dish slightly downward towards the ground since the visual intuitive direction is wrong by about 20 to 30 deg.  yeah it works great.  FREE TV. We get over 50 channels clear.  You'll probably want an outdoor antenna perhaps as high as 20 feet high (use 2 $10 top rail poles for chain link fence vertically since they telescope together easily; strap to facil board on side of house and run Rg6 cable wire into house**  (really almost any wire that high will work although a directional antenna is best since all the DTV channels come from one tower vs old analog with towers all over the area ).  

3.  Free TV over internet is avail  thru ROKU ($35 Roku box at Walmart connects makes your old late 1980's TV smart; can connect either the 3 RCA plugs (Yellow, red/ white or black) or to HDMI plug regular cable wire type.   Get Roku ffree, free (100 channels),  Free, etc  and add/or  Netflix $11/mo  & others, Weather Nation Free; tons of news, movie's etc. all free. 

4.  Nearly Free Phone, MagicJack thru internet is only $2.50/mo.

* the LowNoiseBlocker (LNB) is the thing on the end of the satellite dish arm with the white opaque white cover; it amplifies a bit, blocks lower hz signals ie mhz (TV), &  transforms the GHz Sat signal to a lower Hz, so it won't work with DTV, take it off and just if nothing else clip a wire onto the cable wire that is there upward toward where the end of the LNB used to be; waterproof all connections with either plastic tape or shrink wrap, etc.    

** Usually you can simply use an existing cable wire from the old dish or cable co that runs into house . 

SAMSUNG S7 EDGE VIRUS ELIMINATION :  Power off, then back on, when you see the word "Samsung" hold the dn vol button down until you see "safe start" in bot left, next turn off "mobile data" and wifi, next goto settings--> device maintenance it will auto scan, now goto google play store, find apps installed, go thru all apps and Uninstall all that you can Except email, or any vital ones such as a recording app.    if you see "weather app' or  whats app, or smart things, Game Launcher, Game Framer, and any other frivolous apps, UNINSTALL those especially (some/most will let let you UNINSTALL ), also for each one turn off all permissions and all notifications and ESPECIALLY turn off anything that says it can turn on other apps (near bottom). TIP: Don't do games at all, they waste your time, which wastes your life, instead of educating you, you'll be working in service jobs instead of being your own boss or director. 

Next Now goto settings, apps,  and go thru all the apps uninstalling/force stop/disable anything that could be the problem, or looks unusual also for each one turn off all permissions and all notifications and especially turn off anything that says it can turn on other apps (near bottom), samsung won't let you uninstall built in apps but you can most times force stop/disable  look for specifically things that appear frivolous and such things as FAKE SAMSUNG apps, that say "samsung but really are not. )..    Redo:  goto settings--> device maintenance just to be safe it will auto scan,restart phone, sometimes this works great.  Now just to be even safer, still in safe mode, do the "System Reboot" (not factory reset) as below  So far, jury is still out, but looks promising as after 7 days the irritating full screen ad for cartoon books with sick sexy overtones has been eliminate;  Fingers crossed. 

    Whats good about this method is that the Factory Reset method which destroys all data was not necessary (if you ever do a factory reset , 1st back up all data).

SYSTEM REBOOT:  You can do this too from the s7 boot menu (this is not factory reset):  Press and hold the Volume Up and Home buttons. While continuing to hold volume up and home, press and hold the Power button until you see the little robot and RECOVERY BOOTING appears in the upper-left then release all buttons. From the Android Recovery screen, select "SYSTEM REBOOT", use vol up/dn to select/highlight system reboot, pwr key to activate,  DO NOT SELECT Wipe data/factory reset (this factory reset is LAST RESORT and you will lose all data not backed up).   Today is a good day to turn your life over to Peace, not War !  



Adding Fun

UPDATE 2019: The foam shrinks so you have to redo it every year, but its not so bad compared to buying 4 new tires. FIX FLAT Mower TIRES QUICK with FOAM,  "GREAT STUFF" foam fill does shrink back during winter, but for MOWER TIRES  AND OTHER SLOW MOVING YARD CARTS, wheel  barrows ETC it does work:  (We used 2 cans of "Great Stuff"_ )  front, and probably 6 cans per rear tire on riding mowers.  Slime may work, but its only temporary, this works for 1 year , then you have to top it off again each year basically,  better'n nothing; and even if you drill a hole in the tire it won't go flat.  WEAR GLOVES, plastic throwaway gloves as the foam sticks to everything including your hands for days.
    Buy 2 cans for front or 6 cans for rear riding mower tires of "great stuff" foam (cost about $4 can, pricey yes, but since it lasts forever and you will never have another flat tire its worth it. (large gap type or regular foam  , we used equal # cans of each).  take tire off if possible and lay flat on ground, (if not make sure valve stem is Up ), you can break the seal with the tire and rim and insert great stuff foam into the gap about 2" (far enough to fill tire and not come straight back out)... rotate tire as you fill, you may pull up on center of rim to increase seal on bottom to prevent foam from coming out bottom (rare but possible).  If you have taken valve stem out, beware foam will come out of it fast .. be ready to seal it with at least the black valve cap.    Let cure for at least 24 hours in sun, if you have to drive immediately, be sure to keep mower moving (don't stop for more than a minute)...  after mowing jack it up so that it cures over next 4 days "round" .. preventing flat spot on bottom.  During off season, jack up front and back to prevent tire flattening which damages sidewalls (air or foam will flatten if not jacked up during offseason).
   Does it work for Bicycles, maybe but for the price of a new tire n tube, its prob best to do that instead "Unless" some very difficult use like driving on gravel all day every day. 
Is it for CARS AUTOMOTIVE?  I'd say no OR Get an expert to with special non shrink foam your car tires to insure proper balance etc.. slow movers are not so prone to balance problems as fast moving cars.
Today is a good day to turn your life over to Peace, not War !    InventPeace !

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