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LG Factory RESET to change from Hotel to home use (like when hotel renovates and sells old tv's to anyone)

Recently purchased LG 32" tv at yard sale, the guy said it was from a hotel renovations sale as they were upgrading to 55" in all rooms.. got home no luck until I found info on internet that led me to believe this:   (yeah I get a receipt for all yard sale items of any value). 

TO do the factory reset on the LG 32"  TV  model 32LH200C , you must : 

1.  with tv on, hold down menu button until menu appears, then dissappears replace by channel indicator, then quickly enter 1105 from keypad and then quickly hit enter or ok,  this should put you into a special menu.  

2. The first item should say public display , clik on right button to make it say "yes" instead of "No",  then scroll down to (maybe #7) where it says factory reset or "stop "  (which is really a factory reset.

It will display a message saying "Do not disconnect power cord" or similar, Tv will power off..   wait 1 minute before powering back on. 

3.  Now after the 1 minute, then hit power button and follow normal prompts choosing "Home Use" , and it will setup ok, choose auto channel scan, make sure antenna or cable or dish is connected first.   I got 52 channels on the Free over the air antennal method.  FYI:  the antenna can get many channels even from just a paper clip or safety pin plugged into the antenna plug on back of TV if you are close enough to big city.    

   Worked for at least me and one other person.     TODAY IS A GOOD DAY to turn your life over to peace and truth, quit the Porn and Warmongering, its all just to grab land by the 80 super rich, and even they are never happy anymore, go figure ! 

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