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When the sliding door handle snapped off after being wobbly since purchase (7,500 miles) I was shocked to find the the bumper to bumper had just run out at around 30,000 miles; I had even paid $1300 extra for extra insurance but to no avail, the said they couldn't honor it at dealer nor could FIdelity the insurance co I had paid the $1300 to; I called KIA RECALL center (800 333 4KIA ? ) and they said they would look into and get back to me, but after 1 phone call back from them, nothing happened for weeks on end, I called them and dealer numerous times (total like 50 phone calls to Recall Center and dealers rep,  over months from March 2019 till finally in July 2019 they did indeed replace it but with wong color, requiring 2 more trips (5 total for just this issue) until finally they got the color right, at this time I'm afraid to use either sliding door handles as they might snap off again,, but at least they did fix it finally.   I suggest KIA do a recall on any and all door handles and any and all door opening mechanism parts as well as auto window parts, these are life n death issues if a EMT tries to get a kid out of the back and the door handle snaps off it could be fatal so easily. 


Liftgate tailgate won't open: door closed on light blanket; Jammed stuck locking mechanism.

Solution:   Fold down back & middle seats, sitting on back of seats, place feet on lower inside of liftgate, push hard on lower liftgate with feet while at same time pulling hard on blanket and using fob to unlock and open liftgate.   This may require pulling blanket side to side as well as straight out 5 or more times.   Patience , don' t break anything!  Keep pushing Fob unlock repeatedly then push Fob open liftgate, repeat.    If you have no Fob , try main liftgate button in drivers area ( need helper for this).  Do Not Pull too hard on  liftgate from outside as it may break.

KIA Sedona Ex Problems


SECURITY ALERT - DOORS UNLOCK INCESSANTLY WHEN Loading cargo or passengers,  very UNSAFE .  KIA so far after 4 dealer service visits (time, frustration),

and many phone calls to KIA Customer service, says there is no fix for this?  BUYER BEWARE... once they get you sold, they don't want

to help you. 

 VIN # KNDMH4C77E6554957  2014 KIA Sedona EX There are 4 scenarios in which the door Auto UNlock safety issue arises with this car:    1.   When loading cargo or passengers many people like to "warm" up the car, but when doing so with the car in park and engine warming up,  ALL doors even tailgate door auto-UNlock,   when driver relocks doors with door button,  ALL doors even tailgate door auto-UNlock again, when driver relocks again, again the InstrModule Computer UNlocks  ALL doors even tailgate door auto-UNlock, again, this hysteria/odyssey repeats over and over until the driver gives up:  the Computer Wins and the Family is INSECURE/UNSAFE,  eventually this HORRIBLE "Feature/Non-Feature" will cause someone to be robbed, kidnapped, carjacked, or worse (probably already happened many times since a Criminal only has to wait at any parking area and listen for the "clik" telling him that the car is now UNSAFE and easy to rob or carjack).   PLEASE TELL KIA TO do the cheap $10.00 (yeah Ten dollars for korean programmer to change the program & flash over to all dealers) fix and SAVE LIVES and REDUCE CRIME ~!         You, by helping, are also recorded in Heaven as Helping Save Lives ~!          2.  The 2nd problem area is when car is put in park, all doors UNLOCK requiring driver to relock them.         3. Sometimes when the key is taken out, all the doors Auto-UNlock again, again requiring driver to re-lock again.        4.  Whenever driver enters car and starts it again all the doors are  Auto UNLocked again, requiring driver to again Re-Lock the doors.  This goes on every time the car is Most Vulnerable to crime (when its stopped/stationary) "and" any of the four conditions above are existing.  which makes it like a 2nd JOB to use the car.  My car is sitting in the driveway until the Factory fixes this SW problem.    I am driving my old car, its such a relief because I don't have to constantly worry about whether the doors are locked or not, when in my OLD CAR I lock the doors AMAZINGLY the doors "Stay" locked,  WOWOW !
B.  On top of that the Daytona Beach KIA dealer told me the 10y/100k ml Factory Warranty could be transferred to me because its a Certified Pre-owned car , but when I check on it, it looks like its really thru "Fidelity" ?
C.   Also the blue Inspection sticker they put on the windshield say they inspected the car with something like 6-7 areas including Engine, but the Oil was  bit Burnt and the date for Oil Change is due now?  Seems to me that if a car were inspected wouldn't that mean at least give them new oil? 

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