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IBS-D trots, Diarrhea, PARTIAL Solutions .

Diarrhea,  IBS-D, Gall Bladder, liver, pancreas, all related:  "Maybe" so in some cases.

If you experience any adverse effects, stop immediately. 

Partial SOLUTION's FOR "CERTAIN" types of allegedly "incurable" IBS-D or Diarrhea that Doctors can't seem to diagnose after even decades of visits:  

Do you have rectal burning acid like feeling when you poop, does soda pop cause near immediate reactions, are your stools sometimes so watery as to be insane?  You may have what I called the acid GI (not really a good definition but best I can do for now. ) Lets call it AGI.

A.   Try taking up to 4 immodium (2mg) morning AND up to 7 (seven) 1000mg TUMS TOGETHER in morn and 1 or 2 less of each in evening.    You should notice improvement almost immediately but over days you can "PERHAPS" gradually reduce the dosages as your gastro system "may" respond to being not acidic any longer,   The stools may be so hard that you may not see but the very slightest stain on the toilet paper.   (IF this helps you, send your good vibes my way as I am lacking love in my life at this time, thanks !   OR if you have another solution please emali me at  thanks).  NOTE: you can not safely take that much Tums (calcium carboate) for more than a  for more than a week or two or just intermittently when needed because it may cause Kidney Stones or other stones or side effects. 

 .  Its rumored that the gall bladder releases the stored "BILE" (acidic fluid accumulated from pancreas and liver) at even the smallest FAT intake (cheese is milk fat) into the small intestines which then for "some" totally disrupts the normal gastro-intestional functions IMHO (how can the "good" bacteria function in that acid environment which is why the Tums or other 1000 mg anti-acid's are needed).   FYI:  BILE is very acidic and is partly HCL (hydrocloric acid) which can even eat into metals which was surprising to me.  

   B.  Another partial remedy "may" work  which is the 1 Ramatidine, AND 1 Famatidine, AND 1 Prilosec, AND maybe even throw in 2 immodiums and not drink any liquids  4-5 hours prior to any event. BUT this is not a cure either. just a partial fix as well, but all these are over the counter at most pharmacies. 

So by alternating between partial fix A. and Partial fix B, one may limit the amount of calcium using just A alone for this AGI problem.   I'd like to add another partial or total fix but so far no one has come forth with any info.  

      Of course the best fix would be to limit the amount of BILE produced in the liver & Pancreas which is stored in the gall bladder (a vague idea that that immodium does limit BILE production in the Liver & Pancreas.  (For "Some" eating a cheese burger & or Fries is just about the worst thing a person can do as it's FAT on FAT !   (Today is a good day to give your life over to Peace, turn over a new leaf, you no longer have to serve the WarPorngers, the truth has set you free if you are willing to accept the free gift ).  It makes sense that something strong and acidic (like BILE) would be needed to break down FAT. The over-production of BILE is possibly due to aging & all the chemicals and preservatives MSG's, the anti-biotics, and other "not happy" substances such as metals leached from metal food and water containers ( even the water pipes over 50 years), that are in our food chain at this time in history (1985-2017+ ) (how can this be corrected? vegetarian diet?

   One person mentioned that this  Immodium & Anti-Acid treatment "might" be good if followed by "Tagament" medicine "may" lead to a normal BILE production in LIver/Pancreas so that after perhaps some months the liver pancreatic BILE production "may" return to normal levels (Tagament has not been verified by this author at this time) ;  also that eating "Base" foods vs acidic or fatty foods such as rice, pasta without cheese, green vegetables (no fat at all) (note CORN is oily (fatty), while carrots, tomatoes, might be ok even though not green  "may" also help.  One person even thought that a  return to the child diet migh help (think vegetables, non sugar, non chemical, 0% Non-Fat Milk (good for IBS-Diarrhea but not IBS -Constipation ? ), and simply eating more often but LESS amounts leads "May" help.  It may also help to think of how the cavemen lived (our ancestors right?), probably eating as often as they found food and no chemicals etc (of course their live span was also quite a bit less ostensibly (or was it?  they say Moses lived to 900 + years, and ADAM&EVE maybe longer? ) 

C.   So the suggestion is try this A. FIRST since its almost FREE and EASY over the counter (OTC) drugs being Immodium and TUMS or generic antacid tablets. **  

IF YOU HAVE HAD YOUR GALL BLADDER REMOVED:   Since the bile (acid) is still dripping into yours small intestines constantly instead of being stored up (in the missing gall bladder), its probably" best to take the imodium  over time like 1 per hour APPROXIMATELY over the waking hours but "probably" not more than 12 total per day... As said if you notice the normalization of the gastro intestinal system (good hard stools ) then gradual reduction of the immodium / Tums can start until such time as it "May" flare up again in which case you should increase the dosage again.  (if you wake up at 3:00 AM, take another 2 TUMS just to be safe since it is dripping all the time). for special events you want to attend the next morning (again too much calcium can cause stones in the kidneys over time).  

Some persons have had IBS-D for decades, its very debilitating, frustrating, life changing problem that even experts can not solve.

Some have been told by "Experts" Doctors that is not curable and they need to learn to live with it and eat one box of grape nuts flakes per day for LIFE ? 

Others prescribe more and more expensive drugs (up to $1700 for 30 day supply) which do not work.  The verbizi, and other TV drugs don't get it either.     One Dr even suggested removing the Gall Bladder ?   *  (1 very nice lady mentioned that her gall removal has not cured her diarrhea so I would NOT recommend surgery to remove it. )



* This would not solve it since the gall bladder does not produce bile (the acid ) but only stores it where it is released into the small intestine by a muscle squeezing it when the person eats any fat at all and or a myriad of other foods  (cheese is milk FAT, don't forget) such as carbonated drinks, soda pop, any kind of potato including fries, NO SALT (salt triggers bad reactions as it causes tension in the body). no SUGAR or SUGARY Drinks*****, fried foods, oil, sugar, white flour products, etc.  really seems like almost anything;  this is because the stomach gastro intestinal system can NOT function when flooded with acid from the liver and pancreas (where it is produced then stored in gall bladder), this makes sense if you think about it.     The Good Bacteria can't do any good in an acid environment.   BUT there are some foods which help bind so in the beginning you might try brown RICE, Spaghetti w/o cheese, NonFat Milk, brown bread (search internet for "Foods that Bind" .  GREEN VEGETABLES typically contain no fat, but some popular white vegetables do such as corn, while potatoes are high carbohydrates which get turned straight into FAT.  Carrots are good, so a good salad not ruined with high calorie "dressings" are good or just mixed vegetables is a great dish for a snack.  Also eat 5 times a day with smaller amounts rather than 1 or 2 times big.  


 BTW:  Beer is carbonated which makes your tummy swell out.  On that subject rumor has it that when we eat and drink alcohol, the body will run on the high calorie alcohol (they run race cars on high almost 100% alcohol (199 proof) ), which then causes more of the food to go to body FAT.  

AMAZINGLY... once we dug into iit we found that the liver and pancreas produce fluids that when combined form Bile (acidic to help digest fatty foods); the bile is stored in the gall bladder where its released as said when foods hit the stomach (so removing gall bladder would most likely have no effect and could make it worse (one person said "geez, I almost lost my gall bladder when in fact it was just simple old acid stomach which for some reason the Doctors could not diagnose?  "  )  

 HOPE THIS HELPS ALL YOU SUFFERING VICTIMS OF OUR chemical food chain full of preservatives, MSG's, and so  many chemicals they are too many to name.  J> 



**    TUMS or generic equivalent work well to neutralize acid (antacid right?) while IMHO the immodium works to the other side to limit the production of the fluids from the liver and pancreas in the first place.   

***   BTW:   Over producing liver and pancreas production of bile (the acidid fluid that is stored in the gall bladder) can by some reports "POSSIBLY"

 lead to CANCER if not checked.  So IBS-D is not just inconvenient but it can also be "possibly" fatal depending.

****  Hate to say but as the effectiveness of Antibiotics wanes (its in all the big city water, resulting in resistant maladies which would have been cured in the old days of 1960's - 1980's ) the confidence of going to the Doctor has also waned.  

*****   SUGAR and SUGARY Drinks have been linked to DIABETES  (its serious:  a Friend got Diabetes type 1 and eventually lost a foot ( it turned pitch black and they had to take it off ) ..   Remember our ancestors back to Adam and Eve did not have sugar except naturally in the fruit they collected.  So we upset the balance when we guzzle high sugar soft drinks and others (yeah i'm guilty too).   INTERESTINGLY :   Sugar was such a novelty in the old days that it was used as a party drug to induce as feeling of giddiness and euphoria (most poor could not afford the luxury sugar much at all) . 

******   AMAZINGLY my own diabetes type 2 apparently has gone away, possibly from prayer for 2-3 years to grow younger? OR from going to a partially vegetarian diet (meaning try doing veggie only  for just 1 day or 1 meal a week (they have great veggies burger patties now in most supermarkets AND Burger King even has one if you ask them for it ! ).    Also reduce the red meat, so I "try" for fish baked or grilled (not glazed either), and or chicken skinless baked or grilled or turkey same way.   MAYBE" that has helped as well.. It is great to have the DIABETES TYPE 2 off my back so now I don't have to fool with that daily medicine anymore.. THANK GOD! !

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