Lets Save Ourselves !

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You can get SalonPas patches (cheap at walmart or dollar tree) has menthol, camphor, methyl SALICYLATE: *nsaid =a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (as aspirin, salicylate, Diclofenac, ibuprofen, naproxen) .  

Aspercreme (aspirin creme) is another good one (cheap), and also China Gel ($$). 

   After being informed that the  $$ "Flector" pain patch uses an Nsaid diclofenac as the active ingredient to alleviate pain in localized areas as such patches are put on the skin (usually sticky patches that self adhere to the skin) and the ingredient "leaches" into the skin and on into the local area where the joint pain is located.  It works !   BUT even just the co-pay with an HMO is High at $44 per 12 or 24 pack.   Being an inventor/experimentor of sorts, I decided to try to create my own home remedy Nsaid (ASPIRIN) patch; so taking about 10 aspirins and with a very small amount of water, I ground the aspirin in a bowl to a find powder "slurry" when the water dissolved it , next I took a paper towel and in the case of my sprained big toe cut the paper towel into a strip about 10" long and about the width of the length of my toe, soaking the paper towel with all the aspirin slurry ; I then wrapped my toe with the aspirin impregnated paper towel, then I put the standard beige masking tape around the whole toe to keep the paper towel in place;  the results were much more pain relief than the lidocaine patches, and at almost free cost, its hard to lose; but perhaps more importantly we can make our own in almost any situations (late night, out of town, weekend, European travel, vacations, camping, etc without having to pay to go to E.R. or Dr, and accompanying higher cost pharmacy trips, saving both time and $$   ( you could also use cloth or even an sub-epidermal carrier or glycerin such as perhaps" DMSO).  

    My experience is that the Aspirin patch is much more effective than the lidocaine as lidocaine isn't even a noticeable pain relief after 1-3 uses and they don't make lidocaine patches in any higher strength than 5%; so for severe joint pain I prefer the aspirin method patch described above.  yeah if you are rich, just get Flector but even then "they" decide the strength, not you. 
     I would recommend making multiple patches at one time, then let all but one dry out which keeps the aspirin impregnated in the paper towel or cloth, then when ready to use, simply put on skin area of concern  tape it over around the edges to keep it in place, , wet slightly the area in the middle and "bawalla" you have your Homemade Nsaid Aspirin patch fast and cheap.  No its not Flector's diclofenac but it sure worked good on my sore toe.  Consult a Dr before trying this ! 


Warning:  Consult a Doctor before trying any of these home, folk, herbal, or other remedies, to alleviate symptoms of anything. 

Cure for POISON IVY, SUMAC, OAK, Maybe even Shingles and maybe help for acne?  :  

    Chlorine (clorox original works) for 45 seconds TOPICALLY then immediate rinse off  with water (do not ingest or eat or drink), (only for 45 seconds then rinse off ) .  You will should feel a slight warming sensation to the skin, but its only for a few seconds. Rinse off thoroughly after 45 seconds.   AGAIN rinse off with water after only 45 seconds !  

Repeat as needed up to 3 x per day, if any bad reaction occurs cease at once.   It worked for us many times so far for the 3 poison ivy, may work for poison oak, sumac, and did seemingly help stop the shingles in 2016 ?  Just conjecture for acne so far.  Patent pending. 

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  CANCER prevention? I only post this because cancer victims have little to no hope, and anything is better than nothing at all.  You also would be justified to think I'm crazy but here goes anyway:  This is "iffy" as one of my experiences have not been conclusive at all and the other Not good at all, but if done years before cancer starts "maybe" it could "help" prevent or even cure "some" types of Leukemia? 
a.  I was told I "might" have cancer of the lung, I had read for many years on internet, that in the U.K. (England area) researchers had found that "Curcurmin Turmeric" "seems" to cure "some" types of cancers. I went to local supermarket, bought bottle of capsules of  "Curcurmin Turmeric", took 2 in morning and 1 at night while waiting 2 weeks for Cat-Scan biopsy procedure to occur, 2 weeks later when they looked again in the operating room, whatever it was had shrank to less than 1/2 the size of what it was 2 weeks before ; No not definitive at all, but interesting when combined with other info. Yes it could've just been walking pneumonia ! 
         b.   Friends Cat was thought to "maybe" have cancer, throwing up everything, 80% weight loss in only 3-4 months, etc, she gave the cats some "Cururmin Turmeric" and in less than 1 day, the cat was eating much more than normal (VERY IFFY< but still interesting. )  Could have been many other problems in both cases above but as said, still interesting.   Yes it could have been some other disorder with same symtoms. Cat was not glummy" and seemed to have enough energy to keep her normal cat like personality (yea animals have a kind of a personality too believe it or not). I probably should not have posted this very iffy information but as said cancer victims many times are just waiting till they die without any hope at all whatsoever.    Cat died anyway, thinking "IF" it was helping, it was too little too late. 
Doing something rather than nothing gives a person "hope" which in itself can set a different positive mindset which can at least in a persons case change the game a bit? ; make the waiting a bit easier at least. 
  The item is in "curry powder" also which in turn makes it be in common "Mustard".. but the amounts are low, so the bottle 450mg per capsule is the way to go. 
          The last cancer cure "iffy" method is a stab in the dark, don't depend on it at all, but it is for the record still interesting.  Will add to this if any more "coincidences" occur.   (did you ever wonder why they were so interested in the "TOOTH FAIRY" and why the kids were so encouraged to put the baby teeth under the pillow and in the morning find the "Tooth Fairy" had "allegedly" exchanged the tooth for a bit of money $;  Turns out we now know that the baby teeth are loaded inside with "STEM CELLS"... interesting "coincidence" right? ;  Some researchers have stated that they injected stem cells gleaned from a persons blood, into a bad  diseased liver, the results (they say) were astounding; the stem cells "seemed" to home in on the bad areas of the bad liver and cure/regenerate the bad tissue: (all your blood might give you 1 ml of stem cells if you're lucky); interesting info to say the least since the implications are "ETERNAL LIFE" possibly ! ! (remember that fictional book in which the vamps collected something they called "mentase" from unsuspecting victims, the ingested it; the plunderers got younger, the victims drastically got older and died in short days.)
   Ok, rant and rave, call me a wacko, but first at least google search this stuff so you can at least know where I got it from (and I'm not saying its true, just relaying data I found on internet, of course you can not believe for sure anything on the internet really, but just the same its interesting).