Lets Save Ourselves !


NOTE:  Seeds from great fruit trees only rarely give fruit when grown into a tree, grafting is the industry standard for ALL fruit trees (as I understand it) (no the DNA is not transferred to the seeds, sad surprise), So go to nursery and get already grafted fruit trees that will grow in your area and save  yourself the heartache of year after year of no fruit. Plant them ASAP as the black buckets suck heat from sun and will shock your trees making them drop any fruit.  Use 2 ft diam peat, with bucket root area (without bucket) in the middle, you might also consider planting them next to corner fences areas so that the neighbors can also pick and it keeps the tree from taking up too much area from the yard.  Fences make good neighbors.

1st :  CITRUS GREENING CURE , well really its a partial cure in that it keeps the tree alive and even allows it to bear citrus fruit like oranges, tangeloes, lemons  Short and sweet :

Water them at least 2x every day (morn and eve), simple, then also add some fertilizer 1 ft away from the trunk of the tree in ring about 1-2" in width (like a donut shape). it nurtures the new smaller roots that are on the ends of the older roots.  It works,  tangelo tree gave me 31 tangelos last year, expecting perhaps 40 this year (would have been 60 but freak  2018 winter freeze her to 26 F killed 20%  of tree). 

2nd:  APPLE TREES IN CENTRAL FL< YES!  its working, the ANNA" type, the DORSETT" type, and the Ein Sheinem" Type seem to work in central FL east of orlando about 35 miles from atlantic ocean (and northward)..  Same story, water them morn and evening (2x /day) and they will prosper.   Also fertilizer perhaps thrice a year.   Beware:  these types of apples require 200 hours of below 45 F  temperatures over the winter to "Set" the apple fruit... So last year I had countless blossoms but no fruit because the other conditions were not met (namely 200 hrs below 45 F).  

Watering,,, since its 2 x a day every day, its expedient to use a automatic sprinkler system but with hoses and tubes to each and only each fruit tree, area watering works too but is water intensive and many locales limit you anyway.   I use 1/4 tubing with the little nozzles that spray (don't try drip per second unless you got 50 trees to drip as the water pressure builds up and will blow off the nozzles or burst the tubes, there are adapters from hose pvc at sprinkler manifold to hose, and also from hose to tube size,  Its a big load off compared to carrying water in buckets and this method also allow for 10 minutes 2x /day without any effort once installed..  IF you add more trees later, just break the tube and add another nozzle to the tube.  *so its better to water more for less time ie 10 min. 


Welcome to INVENTPEACE.COM Invention Central. ... I will post ideas ( Un-Patented ) to help the world work towards PEACE !

Here is some (edited from time to time):

1.  A double bladed razor with a plastic cleaning lever that cleans out the already cut whiskers from in between the blades;  this should make the razor last much longer and give a better, faster, cleaner , shave.    You can think of how, but the idea is to just use a plastic lever that would leverage up between the blades and force out the whiskers, and shaving cream, that accumulates, then perhaps after the lever is retracted, the user taps it lightly on the sink to shake the residue free. 
2. Shovel (spade)  with schedule 40 or above PVC or CPVC 1.5 " or 2" handle ,  gives the user much more leverage in the twisting that occurs when digging especially in roots and rocks, etc.  its lighter weight, and the increased leverage in the twisting direction is very much well worth it... This lightweight increased leverage handle can be used with all tools that have long pole like handles.  
3.  Umbrella, that folds out , (probably already invented), to become a wide hat... carry in your hip pocket or purse.. it helps alot to just not have the rain in you face and on  your head. Other versions can be full size. 
4.  Free Energy.. well NO,, nothing is free, but you can with your own ENERGY (labor) get almost free energy from just the air (did you know that a 20 foot copper wire connected to a voltemeter gives you 14 volts (low amps) but consider: the lightening bolts (massive short life energy enough to run a city for a week),... why not a lesser version of collecting lesser charges to a special HV motor that would drive a pulley with a cable to raise a HUGE weight such as perhaps something on the order of a house in weight, then let it gradually down to drive a generator on a as needed demand basis?   Tesla spoke of such things... the russians say they have a machine that can put a lightening bolt anywhere they want it ( Tesla purportedly could transmit lightening bolts to over 1765 feet away !  ).    
5.  You see the Earth is fantastic because of all the "almost" free energy that is available.. not just wind, and solar, but tidal, lightening, etc etc etc.  Even the Pastor who invented the most efficient engine of all time (Stirling Thermal Engine ; runs on diff in temperature) knew that there was alot of energy wasted every day in the world. 
6. For example, one lady told me her husband in Calif, ran a 3 foot diameter pipe up the side of a small mountain or big hill (i was thinking perhaps 1000 feet). she said he put a wind turbine inside the pipe to reap the quite strong wind going from the bottom to the top in the pipe (hot ground level air rises , which is how chimmneys work so well; also the air breeze at the top helps "suck" air out of the pipe (Pitot tube effect used in air paint sprayers in which the air sucks the paint out of the can, google it) ;  she said they could run a 1500 watt generator virtually anytime 24/7 night n day.... which reduced their electric bill considerably; her husband has since passed away, but she still uses it. 
7.  So based on #6 , why not use old chimmneys from power plants to do the same things, or even higher (*with proper FAA lighting etc to let airplanes avoid them) perhaps thousands of feet... or use existing mtns and many more and much bigger diameter pipes like 12 foot diameter, to provide power for many homes ?... 
 8.   Its not rocket science ! Just simple physics... like the patent circuit.. the battery factories have to force in alot more energy than "you" can get out, but the circuit does indeed make that possible, thus 2x normal energy out is not unexpected really; (*battery factories have to charge batteries fast to keep production going, and they use a higher voltage than  the final at rest voltage IE 1.5 v alkaline cell @ ~ 1 amp, is charged perhaps at 3 v and perhaps 2 amps, but you only can use the 1.5 v down to about 1.1v  before your light goes dim or or device quits working; BUT the circuit (  patented) makes the batteries give up their nth, and thus you get what you already paid for... (tis not free energy, just getting out what you paid for already instead of throwing half of it away in the trash). 
MAKE SURE I GET 1% of the gross sales if there is any goodness in you at all Jeffrey S.A. DAVIS 

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