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GLOBAL WARMING Related to too much pavement, buildings, hmmm.....

Wondering if the massive paving and building going on non-stop "parallels" the global warming effects:  IMHO many places such as FL are already overbuilt as now most all the springs are polluted with Nitrates from too many septic systems (55%) and fertilizers (25%); just look at the coastal algae problems on both coasts (6" thick mats of algae stinking to high heaven lapping at boats in dock areas east and west of Lake Okeechobee in places like Port St Lucie, and Ft Myers ).  

1.  What if instead of water soaking into ground the hot pavement actually just evaporates too much of it right back into the air making even more clouds faster than normal? Same for buildings with the massive roof area increase daily (yeah I agree it seems a bit outlandish but at same time when you consider all the increase in pavement and roofs, driveways, roads, sidewalks, just in one town; multiply that by thousands and that x 365 days/yr x decades and its easy to see how what seems like little can add up to so much (ie similarly just 23 lightening strikes per sq mile in FL per year but that equals 1.43 MILLION strikes per year in the state***, and that's every year. So u can see how it adds up so quickly to be a problem over time).  

2. The extra rain also makes higher ocean levels (in addition to higher temps melting arctic caps) and makes more land underwater, which in turn increases evaporation to add even more to the clouds?

3.  This would keep the insulation blanket on the earth (cloud cover) which keeps in the summer heat better, creating higher and higher temps at same time as rains are more often too?

4.  The winters seem to longer and colder ; could be explained as the same increased cloud cover may be preventing sun heat in, during winters when sun is not as much to start with --> colder + longer?   

5. Seems like winters are longer and colder while summers are hotter and more rainy, am I right?


*  are winters longer, colder?   Are summers hotter and more rainy?
Seasons in reverse: For second year in a row, March was colder than ...
Apr 2, 2018 - The month was the snowiest of the past two winters. ... The total precipitation (rain and melted snow) of 1.92 inches was 1.56 inches drier ... For this to happen in back-to-back years (2018 and 2017) is even more unusual. ... remained below 60 degrees, joining only March 1958 in staying so cool so long.
Top 5 Things We Will Remember from the 2017-2018 Winter Storm ...

Apr 29, 2018 - The winter of 2017-2018 will go down as a very long one. ... Away from the coast, Quinn will be most remembered for its heavy wet snow that put more than a ... we have defined "worst" with respect to winter as cold and snowy.
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** The nitrate pollution extends at least from Tallahasee and at least to South of Lake Okeechobee (Silver Springs in Ocala people say its nitrates in water that has eliminated most of the fish, same for Wakulla Springs South of Tallahassee, and BLUE SPRINGS in Orange City or Middle FL).  Other pollutants are micro-plastics and even some soap ingredients, not to mention the usual anti-biotics.    Thankfully the Impaired Waters Rule has finally taken effect on 1 July 2018 (banning new septics in Primary Focus Areas (PFAs) )  but enforcement remains to be seen (ala Re-bar in foundations of new homes is notoriously neglected, even though its state law, leading to sinkholes in living rooms (one guy could not save his own brother who fell into one inside his own house, very sad)... the contractors think that saving a few thousand $$$ putting an iron edge around foundation is same as lattice all throughout  and is worth doing the wrong;  ie  if you put an metal edge "around" a potato chip it will still break in middle ) .   

     Solutions can be to make sure water will run off and soak into land quicker instead of too much instantly evaporating back up into sky off 150F pavement, how?  Limit over building, up hill fight against greedy contractors who want whole state paved over $omeday.  

*** FREE ENERGY really from lightening is theoretically possible since each strike is incredible energy, we just need to become good at harvesting this free lightening energy. Search Harvesting Lightening (u can b sure the Oil mongers will be suppressing anything so good). 

OFF GRID using stackable grid tie inverters

A man rejuvenated 80 year old Ni-Fe (heavy but low cost last 30 years or more) using Edisons instructions (see below).
  Since the home solar battery bank is stationary (obviously, yet mine mobile), you could build yoru own Battery PowerWall using not the $$ li-Ion but instead find some ol fashion Low cost nickel iron (ni-fe) and just use more of them and add on as you can; they reportedly after over 100 years in a 1910 Edison Electric car Still take a charge !   (some inverters are stackable meaning you can add more of exact same inverter to system as you get the money (ie self synching grid tie inverter that self synchs the phase with whatever phase the electric system is already running, usually that is the grid but if you have one inverter running that is your grid, so just add to it (google search grid tie inverter).  The idea is you can start with a low watt system and eventually get up to full house energy system;  then add wind power for those windy cold nights and tie that in as well .   I usually make my systems and wiring included to handle twice the amps and voltage as I would every expect  so that I don't get burned wiring/parts etc. 

  So you can have a small Power wall as part of your house (prefer inside wall to keep batteries warmer (more efficient), then add more batteries and $250 inverters to it as you get the money Thinking (Ni-Fe) nickel iron batteries are low cost and last long years (over 100 years rumored in 1910 Edison Electric Car). 

Two USA manufacturers of Nickel Iron Batteries now exist.  

Nickel Iron batteries were invented by Thomas Edison in 1902.   Nickel Iron cells have no lead content and produce no heavy metal pollution at all.   They also last in heavy use for 30 years and more.   Peter Demar, a USA researcher, has rejuvenated 80 year old cells using Edison's instructions from 1930.    He spoke at the last Batcon Conference in Florida in 2011 of his work and also in Amsterdam at a battery conference.

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