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OFF GRID using stackable grid tie inverters

A man rejuvenated 80 year old Ni-Fe (heavy but low cost last 30 years or more) using Edisons instructions (see below).
  Since the home solar battery bank is stationary (obviously, yet mine mobile), you could build yoru own Battery PowerWall using not the $$ li-Ion but instead find some ol fashion Low cost nickel iron (ni-fe) and just use more of them and add on as you can; they reportedly after over 100 years in a 1910 Edison Electric car Still take a charge !   (some inverters are stackable meaning you can add more of exact same inverter to system as you get the money (ie self synching grid tie inverter that self synchs the phase with whatever phase the electric system is already running, usually that is the grid but if you have one inverter running that is your grid, so just add to it (google search grid tie inverter).  The idea is you can start with a low watt system and eventually get up to full house energy system;  then add wind power for those windy cold nights and tie that in as well .   I usually make my systems and wiring included to handle twice the amps and voltage as I would every expect  so that I don't get burned wiring/parts etc. 

  So you can have a small Power wall as part of your house (prefer inside wall to keep batteries warmer (more efficient), then add more batteries and $250 inverters to it as you get the money Thinking (Ni-Fe) nickel iron batteries are low cost and last long years (over 100 years rumored in 1910 Edison Electric Car). 

Two USA manufacturers of Nickel Iron Batteries now exist.  

Nickel Iron batteries were invented by Thomas Edison in 1902.   Nickel Iron cells have no lead content and produce no heavy metal pollution at all.   They also last in heavy use for 30 years and more.   Peter Demar, a USA researcher, has rejuvenated 80 year old cells using Edison's instructions from 1930.    He spoke at the last Batcon Conference in Florida in 2011 of his work and also in Amsterdam at a battery conference.

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