Lets Save Ourselves !

Free Phone, water,

5. FREE PHONE?  Buy a Magic JACK PLUS (they should pay me for telling people about them, oh well , "Tis Infinitely Better to Give than Receive, right?"  Almost free at only $20/year !!! Call free unlimited to any other MJ anywhere in the world that has internet, and also free to any phone at all, anywhere in the USA or Canada !  (Yes you can take it in your suitcase and use it from your hotel internet to call back to USA/Canada free unlimited, and also you can call any person in the world "Free" if they have a MJ as well,  Very hard to beat this !!  TIP:  if you're MJ works with  your pc but not your ethernet alone (error 1), try pluggin MJ straight into the modem (yeah unplug the wifi router from the modem and plug in the MJ to the modem), you may still get an error perhaps 3002), then call your ISP and ask them to reinitialize/reset your service from their end.  We did this and the MJ started working with the ethernet alone again (without pc turned on).  
6.  FREE WATER? Yes, get a rain barrel, collect water off the roof, and a low cost electric water pump to water your yard for "almost" free ! (If you use a very clean rain catch basin (or system that is very clean), you can even drink pure rain water if it came straight from the sky without hitting any objects that would be dirty  (don't drink water taken off the roof , the roof and drain gutters are dirty, you could get sick otherwise).   You can definitely "consider" a filter to use the rain barrel water to wash clothes and even take showers etc if you want, (no limit to frugality if you "need" it, and its always good to have an emergency backup system, right? Hey, great grandmom, used rain barrels and only needed the "well" for drinking water, and they probably boiled it as well to be safe) . 

If you want to save a lot of money you can consider the following easy to do methods (most of them are easy and cheap as well): 
    If you save $100 / mo that can pay for that holiday you wanted , right ? and its year after year after year of savings !!! 
1.   Turn off the hot water tank if possible , you can either install a special 30 amp 220 volt switch near the water tank (or other convenient location) or just use the circuit breaker in the fuse box.  You CAN SAVE UP TO $100 USD / month by doing this.  Just turn on hot water heater 5-15 minutes before you get in, we do it and it really works.   In the winter and summer, you have to decide based on heater location what is best schedule for you.
2.  Use my Super Low Cost - Easy Solar Water "No Moving Parts-No sensors or Electric/Electronic requirements" heater/pre-heater design (you can use it free of charge) to save even more money (in the summer months ) on your hot water electric costs.  The design  in a nutshell is to pay about $250 for pvc pipes and mount them in the attic of your house (or business); its a 6" pvc pipe in the peak of the attic (easy because the trusses in the attic already have a cross member in each one so you can simple mount the pipe on top of the cross members which are already almost all the way up in the peak (not optimum but so much easier its the way to go), then connect to water supply , thru 6" pipe in attic, then back down to water tank; you will need 2 valves to divert the water from its normal route (one at water supply , and one at water heater), this 2 valve system works so that in the summer you turn the 6" pipe "on" at the water supply and water tank, and in the winter you turn the valves so the solar water is not getting any water (use the old normal water piping).. 2 additional valves should be used outside to drain the solar 6" pipe to avoid possible freezing issues in cold months (especially in northern areas of north america and canada).   The 6" pipe we use is 2 x 20 foot sections (total 40 feet ==> ~40 U.S. Gallons of water) of 6" pipe "union'd" together (be careful to clean all connections with the proper pvc/cpvc cleaner and use plenty of the proper glue as well ; don't want any drips or catastrophe's coming down on your ceiling , right?)  FYI: we have used this for about 10 years with no problems at all.  The best part is is really maintenance free with only the seasonal turn valve on/off to worry about. 
    It sounds more complicated than it is, the hardest part is getting the 6" pipe into the attic (we took the attic vent on the end of the house on the wall, out, to allow the pipe to be inserted into the peak.. It works well enough that we can shower in the summer hottest months without using hot water tank at all unless we just prefer a super hot shower (most times we turn on the hot water tank just before we go into the shower, and it heats the already pre-heated water very quickly so its not time consuming or uncomfortable.  
    If you use CPVC ($cost about $1300 USD) instead of just PVC it heats up faster and hotter but also releases the heat faster after sundown, conversely the PVC heats up slower but retains the heat well after midnight so you have to decide what you want to spend and what performance you want (remember the sun is not shining directly on the PVC so the normal sunbaked pvc brittleness over time issue is not a player).  


 3.  SOLAR / WIND / STERLING ENGINE For electricity generation there are many methods (The "Sterling Engine uses temperature difference to cause engine to turn, which then turns a simple generator; I've seen videos of 5 HP models you can build yourself. Google search it, more complicated but free solar energy can provide the heat and shade and misting water the cool side of the engine, to create hopefully enough difference in temp to run at least 5 HP (5HP is normal HP to run 3000 watt gen).
    But really "SOLAR ELECTRIC GRID TIE" Type is easier but only runs in daytime as opposed to WIND POWER which runs day and night if wind is blowing strong enough ; you need 12mph WIND average speed to be effective, but I'm working on a design that can turn in even a light wind , remember all you need is about 3-5 HP to turn a 3000 watt generator;  remember the "DUTCH" windmills, I think they rotate powerfully but slowly (desired for safety reasons) in even light winds to grind grain into flour, etc.   Using "GRID TIE" Type inverter releases/eliminates the need for BATTERIES $$ which mostly wear out after 5 years (except for NIMH types, or NiFe types, which can last at least 100 years if you operate between 40% charge and 80% charge (re Toyota Data); or in other words don't discharge them below 40% or charge higher than 80%.  SO just connec t a generator or even an automobile alternator to the windmill and then to the "grid tie" type inverter (or regular inverter to storage batteries $$) , now you have a generator that will run day AND NIGHT (if wind is blowing enough) to give you power , make your power bill lower, or even get a paycheck from electric co if your windmill is big enough and powerful enough to run a big enough generator. 
     WARNING: ***
    So for higher cost but much easier "free" Solar Electric Power, you can mount lower cost solar panels someplace (I prefer either a "U Rail Side Mount" roof rail system to keep from having to garbage up your roof with  a lot of nails or screw holes which will eventually turn into leaks if you don't re-seal them with silicone or tar every year really to be safe, higher maintenance; plus the rail system allows you to move the panels if needed to get best sun or to work on or clean underneath etc ) .  The best way is a "Auto Tracking Solar Electric " system (requires method usually electric/electronic to track the sun so you always have the best power output;  but there is at least one method with only 1 moving part and no electrics required! **ask me about it, its really quite a cute trick using freon to move the array across the arc of the sky to "approximately" track the sun, it even resets itself back to facing east to await the sunrise , all without any electrics or sensors, using just the sun heat itself to operate (saves money and conserves energy for greater output, but its more involved to build so I won't go into it here , ask me if you want to know))
       After you decide how your mounting of the solar panels needs to be, static or tracking, roof rail or static roof, or yard mount, or pedestal mount, etc:  THEN you can simply connect solar array to a "grid tie" inverter that plugs into any outlet in your house (it self synchronizes with your existing frequency, USA is 60 Hz while most of Europe is 50 Hz), and outputs the correct voltage (USA is either 220-240volts or 110-120volts). Be sure to get the correct "grid tie" (IMPORTANT) for your country and town voltage and Hz. You can find them on the internet for about $1 per watt output (IE  $300 for 300-500 watts depending on vendor).   I have seen them up to 1500 watts for 'grid tie' type (grid tie means it can work in conjunction with your regular electric system), the one you want is the type that self synchronizes the Hz and can plug into any normal outlet in your house or business.     The BEST PART is that you can Expand your Solar Electric System as you can afford to , even start out with as little as 10 watts, and gradually expand to 5000 watts or more by simply installing more solar panels ($) and buying more of these plug in type 'grid tie' inverters since they self synchronize, just stack em up and plug em into extra outlets in your house; if you get enough power going, your electric meter will actually run backwards (you are now in the Electric Power Co business because you are at this point selling power back to the Electric Co effectively, IMAGINE !!  Hey you wanted to work from home right? )  BE SURE TO USE SURGE PROTECTORS ON WHOLE SYSTEM AND ANY PART THEREOF , we get lots of surges and really can ruin all your good work, so its well worth it. **
4.  MOBILE SOLAR ELECTRIC 10KW POWER STATION:  Take an old (or new) golf cart, cover the roof in solar panels, you can also mount one in front and back as sunshades to increase the surface area of this mini solar array; use a regular or grid tie' inverter to get the power out as you need it to be.  now you have a Mobile Solar Electric "Power Station" (we have one, it really works !) that only takes (downside ) 2-3 days to fully charge up from fully drained condition; but that is really not bad and you normally don't drain the batteries to "Zero" (approx 10.5v for 12v batteries is considered "Zero" battery state/condition)
 and it give you the freedom and backup to tolerate outages during times when gasoline may be low or sun is not shining or wind not blowing, 6 x 12v batteries gives about 10,000 watts of possible power output which is more than most home central heating systems, so its a good amount of power you are storing for later use.  Remember : batteries are great but they do wear out $$ in about 3-5 years (reality) and can cost you if mistreated.
   More later or write to if you have any specific questions. 


WARNING: *** :   ALWAYS TURN OFF THE CIRCUIT BREAKER MAIN FUSE IN THE HOUSE BECAUSE THE LINEMEN MIGHT GET SHOCKED IF YOUR MAIN BACKFEEDS THRU THEIR "DEAD LINES" AT THE POWER POLE; THIS IS ONLY NECESSARY IF THE REGULAR POWER GOES OUT.  SAME THING FOR REGULAR GAS POWERED GENERATORS, ALWAYS TURN OFF THE MAIN BREAKER TO BREAK THE CONNECTION BETWEEN THE TELEPHONE POLE AND YOUR HOUSE before YOU CONNECT TO THE HOUSE SYSTEM.  Yeah its a bit of a hassle but it might save the electric co's repairmen from death or injury.  AGAIN, if the normal power goes out and you intend to connect to generator or solar or its already connected, just turn off the main breaker at the fuse box on the side of the house.  Fyi: the linemen are supposed to use short circuit lines to make sure they don't get shocked by someones generator backfeeding thru the transformer (going from 220v to maybe 15,000 volts), but they may not always be 100% attentive to this problem, many linemen have been shocked in the past years during power outages in which they are scrambling to fix for you. Be kind, be generous, turn off the Main, when you use your system IF the regular power is out. 
**   If a piece of equipment is especially expensive or hard to find, use 2 surge protectors in series with each other since using only one is only about 99.9% effective.  IE When you plug in the 'grid tie' inverter plug it first into a surge protector, then plug that surge protector into the 2nd surge protector, then plug the 2nd surge protector into the wall outlet etc for increase surge protection when storms and "other" problems cause surges. (inverters change solar DC voltage to house type AC voltage; or in other words an inverter changes for example, 12v DC to 120v AC which is what USA homes use (or to 220v AC depending on your need/choice/use). 
**** I think I have discovered the "Universal" sign/signal of peace with animals: its simply just to get their attention and then close your eyes.. they "seem" to interpret this as a sign that you don't intend to do them any harm, and thus they "seem" to relax and become more docile/peaceful/relaxed, yeah another "iffy" idea, but it really seems to work; 
 Another way to relax a barking dog syndrome is simply to feed the dog any type of food that they like (IE give them a doggie biscuit from YOUR HAND, (must be from only your hand directly to the dogs mouth to work)..  I have done this several times and had a voracious dog barking incessantly, immediately stop barking, become calm, and  go immediately to the corner and actually end up going to sleep ; instant results !! WIN=WIN !! (the dog was totally new to me and I was trying to visit some friends when it happened).  Where did I learn this: amazingly I saw it on "Hogans Heroes" (Vee have our vays, laugh) they fed the german guard dogs and were best friend with them. laugh ! So being an inventor, I experimented with this idea !! BAWALLA PRESTO ! !   Its worked for me several times already although not 100% foolproof.  Feeding cats also seems to work "somewhat" as well , harder to perceive since cats are not loud as a rule.  Feeding the other sex... iffy seems 50-50 with humans (yes, use normal food for humans IE don't try dog or cat food on humans, ROFLOL (Rolling on the floor laughing out loud), but still even with humans something about giving food seems to "mollify" even the worst personalities: IE once I bought a seemingly dangerous person a drink and he seemed to change to a peaceful personality? )