Lets Save Ourselves !

USA patented "Electric Circuit" that gets 2x the energy out of ordinary batteries such as Alkaline.

Below is the USA patented "Electric Circuit" that gets 2x the energy out of ordinary batteries such as lead acid, alkaline, lithium; even works with rechargeables but should only be used for emergencies for those other types of batteries as the circuit is so good at getting energy out that it tends to over do it and degrades the for example golf cart batteries.. but it CAN be used alot of the time for CAR batteries because car and other vehicles are always on the re-charger once the vehicle starts (gasoline engines). 

LINKS:       You are well ahead $$ to buy the patent and put it into Automobiles, toys, and flashlights at least ! 

DEMO KITS NOW AVAILABLE CLik on --->GET KIT TO DOUBLE YOUR BATTERY LIFE for Alkaline D, C, AA, AAA, and other batteries  Once you are convinced its really for real, then you can demo to your CEO and get 20%  if you arrange a contract between the inventor-Owner of the USA patented circuit (Jeffrey S. Davis). Part of the profits will be used for missionary work to get oppressed people off the street and into productive jobs/lives.  (so you could look at it as a charitable donation/work).   
NAME DROPPER PROGRAM PAYS 1% of possible millions or hundreds of millions even since everything in the world uses batteries: if you just mention the website to someone and they buy in, then you would get 1% of what will be hundreds of millions as almost EVERYTHING HAS TO HAVE BATTERIES anymore (at least its heading that way).  One of the best features of the patent circuit is that you don't have to replace all the batteries all at once to get many more hours, just replace the worst cell and the circuit does the rest, you can also mix and match battery types in the pack eliminating the need for "always" having to search for exact match, just stick in a cheap heavy duty and enjoy many more hours, while getting the remaining energy out of the other 3 cells.  We've been using it for years and are very happy with the fact that we never have to worry about battery condition: in fact with alkaline's we on accident left it on for days and still because of the circuit got a least a VERY decent light  !!  Stranger than fiction! *this last peculiarity works only with alkaline batteries which thankfully are the top seller in the world.

Start out slower, coast up to stop signs... saves alot ot gas as well.

Saves your brakes, engine, ac compressor, and gasoline $   .  

Welcome to INVENTPEACE.COM.. GREEN ENERGY IDEAS AND PATENT ! Hope to fund peace with $ from Green energy!


We have 1 patent and at least 1 patentable idea for sale that can help fund our PEACE efforts, we guarantee them to work, the world immensely (we offer at least 20% to anyone who arranges the first deal on either of these patents to a manufacturer / licensee).  thanks.   (Hey, we all have bodies that are dying but most refuse to think its them that may die in the near future, but the reality is in less than 100 years every persons body fails and now that person needs a "New Home".  where will you go.. now you understand why material things are not so important. 

1.  Is the patent that gleans much more power (erg/joules) from normal everyday types of batteries by voltage maniupulations (cheap easy, low cost , is installed in devices at the factory and then the user uses normal batteries as usual but gets 100% more use.  In other words it doubles the battery energy use available that the factory already put in the battery, yes factory has to put in at least twice the energy so that your can use up to only half of what they put in. This patent gets it out !  Already patented (ask us for the patent number). 

2.  The INSTANT cure for Poison IVY, OAK, and SUMAC It works instantly to cure the itching and completely eliminates it within a few hours.  Great for campers, hikers, joggers, outdoors people!  It works so fast its shocking!  Very simple too, super cheap to make out of existing chemicals.  Patent pending.

3. We have electric car that has the NIMH batteries in it and are getting better and better results so far (going slow as to not make any serious mistakes). (lead acid batteries fall apart after 3 years, while NIMH cells (suppressed by texaco/chevron lasts indefinitely according to Toyota (meaning years of use), chk out the webpage here at top right which is the Nimh battery ad from 1995, now you know why Texaco bought a battery patent that works so great for electric cars, BTW it runs out at end of 2014 , then we should see Toyota's already built mothballed factory go back into production to produce the large format type Nimh electric car batteries which will STIMULATE the economy as the energy price (biz overhead) comes down.   

4.  We are planning to build the most efficient Solar Sterling engine (up to 35% efficiency which is highest known to man so far; most motors/engines get only up to 15% if they are lucky).   Would you believe a Scottish Pastor invented in the year 1823? 

5. We'd like to find some one to help us build a slow moving Dutch style windmill to use to generate electricity, then every home could have one eventually , The slow moving blades are much much safer and thus would work for neighborhoods. 

6.  We also know a dirt cheap method to build a rude /crude windmill that would be just enough (low ) energy to cool and heat your house to a constant 56 degrees, thus allow your other systems to work only 20% as hard.  We have seen a video of it and they guy has refined to be quite good.

7.  We already have a built our own design,  for a dirt cheap SOLAR Water Preheater/Heater depending how much you want to spend, with NO MOVING PARTS!   How does $250.00 (yep less than three hundred dollars USD) using your own labor, (not very difficult may take you a few days as you will want to be going slow to make sure its all very correct ),  This solar water heater is not even visible to the outside, instead installed in the hot attic where it take the heat , and tranfers it to your hot water tank (saves us $70 /mo for the less expensive pre-heater model) .   

8.  We have also a SOLAR electric MOBILE driveable GENERATING STATION  which charges batteries FREE FROM THE SUN to provide you 10kwh of emergency electric power and a vehicle (plan on $500, to $3000 depending on if you have already a small electric golf cart type vehicle.  It charges while you are parked and takes 2-3 days to fully charge from fully discharged but its also charging while you use it in the daytime and normally people don't fully discharge them which makes the charging time less.   Great for emergency vehicle and emergency disaster power, AND ITS FREE Energy from SUN ! 

9.  ARCHIMEDES WHEEL WIND TURBINE, turns out its a great (I think also self pointing/tracking the wind direction_) and purportedly puts out quite a good power,   you can build it any size you want and get for the 4' diameter at base (its a funnel shape generally with spiral vanes starting at 0 diameter on one end and 4' diameter on other end).. the spiral is magic because it gleans every bit of energy off the slightest wind and , also the generator is simply mounted on one end of the central axis while a braking system is on the other end to prevent overspeeding in high winds (but my idea is use a small extra vane perpendicular to the turbine that would self brake automatically because the higher the wind the more the vane pushes the turbine sideways to high winds, thus it pro-rated  still produces power even in a hurricane ! (should work, they use that small extra vane on older model water pumping windmiils so obviously it works).    You can with this and other wind turbines , and even the windmill of #6 above ; build a wind tunnel or "Horn" which collects much more wind and because the "Horn" is funnel shaped as well forces the wind speed UP increasing power for same size blades on windmiil/turbines (the horn might be 5' diameter and maybe 10' long, or larger even if you want a larger than 5HP power system, the whole system might have to be mounted 20'-30' in the air to catch the treetop winds, and so would take a TOWER appropriate to that size)... a cheapo method would be a telephone pole or a tree with the branches removed except in areas that would not interfere with the moving parts (turbine vanes etc). 



Schematic is 
IF you would like a schematic sent to you, of the "In TOWN Stop n Go Type Traffic" GAS SAVER CIRCUIT, please just write to and ask.. (I couldn't get this web site to take the picture from the powerpoint) Draw program but it did fit into an email).  Its not hard to do, and will serve you well for many years I'm thinking. We did add a relay to make it more concise, an Dash LED and OverRide Switch on the dash as well.  
  So far its working fantastic !!  Heck, just 5% (maybe 10% depending ) is like getting 1 extra mpg in city plus more power when needed, = $100-200 a year or more, and if it is 10% that would be double to $200-$400 / year.  Plus your engine works less hard, which makes it last longer. You can test what % it would be for your car by using the cruise control on a hill, then turn the ac off, look at the difference in MPG on you mileage computer.   
   My newest lastest invention to save gasoline is very simple and although not probably patentable will save you gasoline in town in stop n go traffic where fuel economy is needed to improve the most.
   Its easy, in a nut shell:   Use a vacuum advance solenoid from an old style car (buy a new one at auto parts for $15, grab a 12 volt 1" x 1" x 1" cube relay that can handle 20 amps at 12 volts , some tubing, and wiring, two switches and an optional Led light, and you are in business, to turn off the AC compressor on start outs from stop lights, or passing, or going up hills, to give you a power boost when you need it, and also it by definition insures the ac compressor will be on when you are slowing down which helps save your brakes as well.
 1.  Install vacuum solenoid in a convenient out of the way place, run vacuum tube to convenient vacuum location on or about intake manifold.
2. Install momentary "on" type "trigger" switch on solenoid so that its "on" when the engine is running at idle (max vaccuum), this switch is connected to 12v (ignition switched on ) supply to its coil side, and provides power to the "relay" that you will install nearby.
3. Connect the primary wires of the 20amp@12v relay to the AC compressor wires at the compressor (you will have to cut the negative compressor wire and connect the ends to the relay (also put in series about a 10 amp fuse for safety reasons in this wiring).  Choose the relay terminal that is normally off (#87 terminal? ) so that when the "trigger switch" gives the coil power the relay and is powered on making term 87 pass the ground ac wire on thru to where it originally went.
4.  The optional LED will sit on the dash and is supplied from a 12 v source such as the cigarette lighter and back thru the firewall to the negative relay primary ac wire connection (when the relay is powered on) to terminal 87 .
5.  The other switch is an overide switch which allows you a way to completely bypass the whole gas saver circuit in the case where you are on the freeway going faster than about 40 mph (vaccuum is not so good the faster you go and you want the ac on for long trips or long hills etc).   For this switch, take the wires going to the relay, tap into both wires , and run the new tapped  wires to the switch, locate the switch in a convenient place on the dash (be sure to insulate and fuse everything you can very well so you don't have any shorting problems , even though its a negative ground connection to the ac compressor, we still would like to know that its well insulated). 
 Adjust the "trigger" switch so that its on when idling and off when accelerating, and on again when up to about 35mph, by sliding it back and forth along the vacuum solenoid arm that moves in symphony with the amount of vacuum from the intake manifold.
     OPERATIONS:  when in town, leave overide switch off, so that the vacuum will trigger the relay to turn off the ground connection to the ac compressor which gives you a boost of power as the compressor is not running,, about 3-5 HP boost (which is significant enough that you feel like you are being pushed back slightly in your seat)... this is for IN TOWN STOP n GO traffic situations in which the ac will be off for only about 3- 30 seconds at most..
    FOR high speed or long  up hills, turn on the overide switch and you force the ac back on, which costs you gasoline but also cools the inside of the car.    
   AGAIN most of our driving is in town in stop n go traffic.. so its a good idea.
     Also "In Town", since the AC compressor is off, when starting out from lights and stop signs, it will come on more when you are slowing down (since it was just off for some seconds), which helps you slow down the engine saving your brakes slightly as well. 
   Est gas savings IN TOWN in stop n go traffic is about 5-10% when you realize that only 1 more mpg is 5%.  
 Done !