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PEELING HARD BOILED EGGS EZ !   ( egg shells hard to peel )  If you are tired of your eggs looking like the surface of the moon: 

        Cook eggs as normal in hot water until done (rolling boil 10 min), then put them immediately into a boil or pan of ICE water (save the hot water for now), let sit for 5 min, then peel EZ, now put peeled eggs back in hot water to warm them back up.   Done !

      Some say that tapping the pointed end of egg to break it then the other end in that order somehow also helps but I have noticed much difference, I did notice a big difference by using the ice water method. Courtesy of the grapevine from a German cook.  

HYPOTHESIS/LOGIC:  The hot egg inside and shell outside are both very hot and expand a bit, but when ice water cools both down to close to freezing, the egg inside contracts more than the shell outside which breaks the membrane seal, which allow the shells to slide off very much easier than normal methods.  Others conjecture that the ice cold congeals the membrane to become less sticky?   Happy Cooking ! 


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