Lets Save Ourselves !

How to beat WIN 10 (or is it SIN 10 or E_BEAST 10 ?

1.  You can simply switch to win 7 or 8, ask a pro to help you.  

2.  Switch to Linnux, rumors are the "Mint" version is best.  

2b  OR switch to mac / apple devices? 

3. To prevent auto updates, turn on "Metered" in internet settings on your browser (ie win10, chrome, firefox, etc), this tells the "Electronic Beast" that your connection is set to limited data and as such it can't be sure of completing an update successfully and so wont do it at all (presumably although i think it tries eventually anyway.)   

3b.  Turn off the internet everytime your pc sleeps.  or better do full shutdown.   " The LAW that the E_BEAST can control your every thing and thoughts is still  in the works, lol " 

4.  OTHER TIPS:  to get around video or sound music FOR HOME USE, just use your cell phone or other vid cam or device to record the stuff off the big screen or even your pc;  Since it really for home use, the quality doesn't have to be the best does it ? 

5.  Be sure to feedback to MicroSoft how much  you hate being prvented from using your equipment how "you" like  as long as its for home use, right? 

The E_Beast is going to be the best tool the future devil's ever could have, factor in mind control (already here, ask sir han sir han), and you have a recipe for whole world enslavement going back to a world of old Europe where 99% have nothing really, and the 1% super rich elite have it all, sounds fair right? Govt of the people (Promoting  E_beast of Preferred Line Elites ), by the people, for the people, otherwise known as FREeDOM  (filthy rich elite dirty old men).   Today is a good day to turn you life over to PEACE not War (that prevents the world takeover thru Land Grab Wars ! )


Welcome to INVENTPEACE.COM CAN't COMMENT ON YOUTUBE ? EZ FIX (for chrome and other browsers)

The comment fix is very EASY... (for chrome browser)... just look at the URL window (the horizontally long window where you type in search words or web site names near top )... to the right you should see a Partial Cookie perhaps with a red "X" in the lower right, clik on the cookie, it will put you into a menu that at the bottom has a link that says "MANAGE COOKIE BLOCKING" clik on it... next you will see another menu window that has the option to add a cookie blocking code, in this case you want to use brackets with the code inside (do not use parenthesis); type in the code in the box  as [*.]  if you are uncertain, look at the [*.], and then just type over it with the google code. ... after that, to the right clik on "Allow"... clik save or ok and you are done !! ... back out of that webpage return to the comments ...   remem Google bought YouTube.  

     NOTE: You'll have to try to comment TWICE because for some software reason, the system has to re-orient itself and it does it partially when you try 1st time, and completely on 2nd try to comment ... it will finally say "Opening....... " ... and you are in and able to comment! 
  SIMPLE EASY FAST, much better than fooling with registry... (try to comment twice first time out, sw glitch, after you can comment , it works right every time again).
    FOR OTHER BROWSERS: you must research where the manage cookie blocking is and emulate this or a similar method. This method works for CHROME. 
      As a thanks, please look at my page, and help me collect peaceniks around the world who want to passively act for peace without violence.  Thanks.  Also there are lots of GREEN tips, tricks, gimmicks, and even one genuine USA PATENT on there that unbelievably gets 2x normal energy out of ordinary alkaline batteries *(we've been using protoype flashlights and toy trains for years)... I use the flashlights for camping and working on things at night,, because it works so well for so long that i forget how old the batteries are (months and months  even 2 years intermittent use in one case... and even then it ran solid for 2 days 24/7.... if you are interested in gold,,, this could make you rich because while i reserve all rights, i also commit to share a min of 25% of any profits i get which are derived from your efforts forever even after patent runs out.. takes a go getter who is not afraid of phoning GM's, and CEO's of BIG CORPS... we have lots of witness's and they are some very credible ! IMAGINE, everything operates on batteries, but you could be in on the ground floor of what would be called the electric version of the "Wheel".. it will be used eventually with all battery systems at least as a backup to insure medical and other emergency equipment works when needed instead of failing because of old batteries! win win ! 
   Any profits would be used to further the works of the peace effort around the world and other "Humanitarian Efforts". 
* you have to remember that the battery co's have to cram at least twice the energy in that you can get out using normal methods... so this circuit gets out that energy that you normally throw away because your device does not have the electronic circuit board installed.. works for dig cams, hearing aids, toys, flashlights, and even automobiles !! (starts cars in -50 deg  weather when others can't do it )... 

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