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2000 Dodge/Plymouth Caravan/Voyager TIPS

HEATER blows cold , won't / fails to work, but car runs fine, not overheating?

Possible Solution:  the hot air door is not opening :  sometimes it VERY easy to Fix ;  Reset Heater module by pressing down both the top and bottom Rear Window Wiper buttons together (simultaneously),  the lights on the Rear Window Wiper buttons will start to blink, after a minute or 2 they will stop, and the heater panel will open and you will get hot air again.  This seem Crazy, but it did work for me , the heater and wiper controls being near each other are built into same electronic module so it use the avail buttons for Rear Wiper controls to be the Reset Function.   Laugh I was driving frozen for half a day with just a cheapo cigarette lighter 100w electric micro heater to keep the windshield clear,  it was tenuous with my toes frozen and parka on with gloves on (dibble lives).

   Dodge will not shift out of first gear in other words it stays in first gear and will not go into 2nd or 3rd otherwise car seems to run fine:

POSSIBLE SOLUTION:  For any car that isn't running right for isnt shifting correctly could be related to the mass air flow sensing system, you can easily take the air cleaner cover off and see if there is any obstructions such as a foam filter that may have come off one of the sensors that are inside the air intake system or if the air filter is extremely dirty you can just take the air filter out and to see if it runs correctly and shifts correctly that with the air cleaner out for just a minute or two won't hurt it try not to drive on a dusty road, our car had that problem the air cleaner was extremely dirty and there was a piece of foam from one of the sensors that had fallen off and gotten into the top of the throttle body intake so we simply removed it and put a new filter in and it runs fine and shift correctly again but , laughing, we had to drive home in first gear for like 15 miles and it was quite an experience I don't want to repeat. These type problems related to the mass air flow sensor systems can be such as the car engine will not start or stay running or runs eratically .  In our case it just didn't simply shift into second and third gear, thinking that the Mass Air Flow is giving the computer the wrong information so I thinks its on a steep incline or something gasping for air if the air filters too dirty. the other way of quick fix a quick test is to simply unplug the MAP sensor and that should force the computer into a "Limp"mode and that way at least you can get home best of luck. of course you'll have to find the MAP sensor usually it's on the firewall somewhere.



Car paint fading white :   WAX !!!   Real WAX ! ..    I have been using spray wax (like furniture wax for a long time (over 10 years since 2003)... and the paint still looks wet and glossy! ... the white paint "polish" actually is worse than nothing.. (and the manufacturers know it)...   just spray on "lemon Pledge" in 4 minutes, you are done, now drive for 3 minutes.. and it smooths it all out and dries it too (best to wait till just before you know you are going somewhere, then do it.. be sure to spray double on hood and top where most friction with dusty wind is).     Do it on long trips once or twice a day ...only takes a few minutes and your car paint will outlast most others ( ours is 16 yrs old and still has orig glossy look!)
2.   HEADLIGHT LENS's Yellow foggy :  can be bought on ebay "eagle eye" works for us,,, looks brand new (as they are) and what a difference.  May also have rain water in them, drill a very small drain hole near bottom of lens from front  to let water drain out
3.   The $10 steering wheel cover works for us... makes it seem like a newer car.
4.  The In CITY gas booster ( under Gas Saver or just use navigate menu on right of this page) uses $20 worth of parts to save you money in the city where mileage is worst.. AND boosts your power just when you need it the most when you start out, passing , and up hills.. *simple vacuum design turns off ac compressor when vacuum falls) use vacuum advance solenoid from old style timing advance (buy at autozone or advance auto parts new for $15 plus 2 swithes and a little wire , the schematic is avail at the site above and it really makes us feel as if we have a 6 and 1/2 cylinder car all of a sudden.  (ac comes back on when you are up to speed, remem you are in town so speeds are lower;  we figure it gives a 5hp boost on startouts which may equate to a 5-10% increase in fuel economy. pays for itself in 1 month perhaps. 
on and on.... 
5.  Keep TIRE PRESSURE UP to snuff... expec before long trips... saves you 3% on gas compared to lower pressure. 
6. New air cleaner pays for itself (I even cured' a car that would not start because the air cleaner was so dirty !!) .
7.  Don't forget to change TIMING BELT every 90K miles... or it will leave you stranded... 
8.  Drive your car carefully , slow starts, stops.. coast up to stop signs;  drive it only 75% of what it can do max, and it will last a long time. 
9.  Burning rubber burns up your car !! 

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