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Summary: Religiously read red words of NT to stay on course with good.   Diminish false prophets and false writings, admit that perhaps their was ruse, but that the overwhelming middle group of most any church is the emphasis as they are predominantly good, yes human, but good, and aspiring to be better;  All is not lost with the revealing of false leaders, for this reason, just keep calm and carry on toward the Red Words of the NT minimizing the false stuff until finally its forgotten as a blip in history that in the end was corrected. 

Since every article about morman stuff seems to have comments shut off I put my comments here at least for food for thought: 

Did you ever wonder about the Book of Morman, and why its so reclusive and secretive, why so especially secretive about the financial aspects? 

      Instead of saying what their church of Joseph Smith espouses, lets restrict the discussion to what the Bible says Jesus Christ of Latter Day and Present Day and Previous Day Saints "Should" be like (ie if you drive someone to an action then you are the perpetrator);  

     1.   Church leaders should take upon themselves the example of Christ (not rich, but instead humble).  Jesus said in so many words "if you knew what was waiting for  you, you would be ashamed and sell your riches and give it to the poor"  In fact in the museum in SLC in the basement there was in 1995 a stone engraved with "If you can share equally here, how will you do it in  heaven" written by one of the rich leaders which seems a contradiction in itself. 

     2.   Jesus said " The master and slave will be brothers in heaven"  (Not that god made the bad people brown as BOM states (probably changed by now with the 3,500+ changes so far in the translated "only once" book but changed many thousands of times already in just 180 years;  the constantly changing story) .  In fact J. Smith stated in the D&C (again probably changed by now) that the blacks were sluggards devoid of credibility (or similar words) Later they added they will blossom as a rose, another change. YES, Slavery of ANY color men and women was RAMPANT in those days.    

     3.  Jesus stated "Don't sell my gospel for filthy money (yet J. Smiths 1830 first printing on the title page of the BOM states very clearly near the bottom "Joseph Smith PROPRIETOR "  ?   Seems he wanted to sell it to prosper himself like a business?  Even today the LDS church is a Corporation": seems mercenary on the surface when you look at that. 

     4.  Jesus in effect said that the 10% tithing system was oppressive and scolded the pharisees for taking the last bit of money from the downtrodden widow* saying " look this woman a widow has given more than all of you, as she gives her last mite out of her life needs while you give lavishly out of your plenty, he used words like "Extortion" and "Clean on the outside but disgusting on the inside" on the pharisees who in turn were incensed that anyone dared to challenge their birthright (from moses days) priesthood authority.   In fact the church with Peter the Rock upon which He built his church required sharing equally (100% tithing, not 10%), so we are all fallen short as the 10% system just keeps the rich richer and the poor poorer in the overall effect of it.  Note: Catholic church (peter started it) has decades ago changed to 3% or what you can afford to help the church help the people and their priesthood takes a vow of poverty .   * I'm sure the widow contrary to popular interpretations by man, walked home with tears in her eyes, her joints aching, that dusty road, probably barefoot, without hope of ever having enough to live, to a hovel of a home.  You see the pharisees like to drive widows out so they can buy the property or take it over for pennies on the dollar for self enrichment.  

     5.   Jesus in so many words said;  A bird in a cage is not a friend but a prisoner, love your neighbor as  yourself, that is the 2nd most important commandment.  (contrary to stories of wife beatings by Morman men who misguidedly think that this violence is a solution to their problems; some 3 similar stories I have heard rumored and one written account of morman wives being hung by their hands and whipped until blood dripped off their toes, of course this written acct was suppressed and discounted, but the written acct was very carefully written and preserved by sisters for generations until it was felt safe to publish it, after which time it was squashed by ? Money talks.  Yes sisters even wives are "neighbors too" and if you would not want that treatment, why do it to others ; what is  your reward for that in heaven; Many are called FEW are chosen. 

     6.  DNA evidence while not of Christ is a factor proving that the Nephites of the BOM were not really from israel or even the mideast, but from eastern Russia and easter China, scientists say this makes pefect sense since the Bering strait between Russia and Alaska may have frozen over enough to allow walking across or in any case to boat across; which is the true origin of the south and north American Natives .  Does anyone believe that God would turn bad people brown as BOM states (LOL).  Why not green or cobalt blue? Why not for that matter charcoal black?    Or as black words of old testament state just destroy all the bad ones?  Would it make sense to just turn the bad brown and then allow them to destroy the good "white" Nephite people? Lol.   Really doesn't make sense.    Thus thru DNA evidence which says no natives of N or S America were from mideast, the BOM chapt 1  is definitely false .   So the next question is WHO would write such a book, (J.Smith was probably not up to writing it himself, having enough to do just transcribing it) ?   Some say that the Jews wanted to lay claim to the New World (Americas) and so made this book up and fed it to J. Smith who was destitute for money at the time (stark poverty at his fam farm in Palrmyra) making him a prime pigeon to purport the fiction that the jews were here first and therefore in some future thousands or hundreds of years could push an idea that this is part of their "promised land" (and as OT relates take it by conquest if necessary and enslave all the people or kill them and take and use their lands and assets for their own, yeah, they did that in the name of god (what a god of murder and violence and slavery?)  Its not           anti-semetic but more like ALL of us have ancestors somewhere even if back to CAIN who were murderers (cain killed his brother able?) which makes us all descendants of murderers; we can only try to change this behavior and be for peace not war as Jesus is the king of Peace not war.  In fact his legacy includes the CLASSIC LITMUS test in which the "multitude" chose the War Monger "Barrabas" to save and to kill the PeaceNik Jesus The Savior King of Peace not War. 

   7.   New Testament (NT) pushes forgiveness, peace, love, tranquility, while the Old Testament (OT) overall generally teaches that war is a necessary part of life and we should not see it as what it really is : "Murder",  sadly the BOM does the same support of War as necessary (forgetting that life is ETERNAL so nothing in this world really matters so much does it ? )  ONLY the NT pushes for love your enemy, forgive those who abuse  you, pray for your enemies, love, peace not war, etc.  In Fact the true "ROD OF IRON is the Red Words of the NT, another rod of iron is the simple TRUTH (good bad or ugly), knowing that the devil uses his methods of possession (a form of mind control to cause awful behavior in humans who are not tightly aligned with the SAVIOR Jesus Christ. 

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