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Flash CHIMNEY corners EZ and BEST by using  "CornerFLEX  FLashing"  or "FlashRite" which has a preformed piece that is really a sheet of metal (AL? ) scrunched up like an accordian , then bent to 90 deg angle, then wrapped around corner so the scrunched up area normally prone to tearing or needing a V cut, it just Un-Scrunches at the corner where its flat on the roof, and  " VOILA " magically is a completely solid one piece  corner, ( think it could also be reversed to get an inside solid piece corner as well.   No supply stores has either in stock, so search on line for it  (amazon has one of them but has it cheaper /5 day ship time. ).   Then use the peel  & Stick or other flashing  material to make it good to go, then counter flash (top of another piece of flashing into slot in the brick or morter) so that it really is a very good seal.  Chimneys are known high leakage areas. 
There are good videos for metal roofing around chimneys but they don't use this CornerFlex , also they imho use a horrible counter llashing at the very end which is really just a water funnel, they say fill it with sealant but everyone knows eventually that will dry out completely and crack and then you will have a very bad leak; much better to cut a 3/4" slot in brick and or morter between bricks and put bent top edge of a counter flashing into the slot with sealant and tap home with hammer , then use anchor bolts horizontally to secure it even better.  

  NOTE: a person could possibly make this accordian type flashing themselves but it wouid be tedious to make 4 for under and 4 more for over flashing 

     Imho, both under and over flashing is best (peel & stick underlayment all the way to the eave and from under the peak gable to sandwich tightly the chimney try to climb the wall 2-3", Ie 1 P&S from downside of chimney flat on roof up past chimney 2-3", fold the top end around chimney if possible, then another P&S from under gable climb the chimney high side wall a 2-3" and continue past chimney squeezing the chimney (total 4 pieces so far overlapped 8" up and down the slope,

Next, use 4/5" angle flashing in conjunction with the "CornerFlex" corners on all four sides and corners, then another layer of P&S overlapping to create sandwich type of seal on all 4 sides,

Next install the metal panels of the actual roof hug the chimney tightly, try to climb the wall of chimney 2-3" on all sides if possible, 

Next again use P&S to the other flashing.   Install counter flashing in a slot as described above using 4 more corner pieces, now the chimney is watertight and this completes the underflashing method. 

    Then for extra "Insurance" do the video method of OVER (on top of metal panels) flashing, which is quite a few exotic cuts using cleats, z channel, and alot of patience, for a 3 independent seal that will possibly last 100 years.   Use galvalume painted white on both sides for metal roof since white reflects of the heat which might cause warping, use heaviest gauge metal (ie 24ga) for actual roof (trim can be 26ga. 

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