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80-90's Era Caravan Voyager Minivans

Circa 1990's CAR HEATER WORKS POORLY OR NOT AT ALL: *(for more modern cars search "reset electronic heater module" in for 2000 caravan push rear wiper button and rear washer button together for 1 minute, lts will blink for 3 minutes, then it may just start working , worked for us in winter in motel). 

Check heater fan comes on, check all vacuum hoses for wear both in dash controls, and external heater switch to firewall, also vacuum supply from engine *Usually from power brake assist, insure that ext heater switch is opening fully ( you can take any vacuum line and plug it into ext vac inlet in ext heater switch, you should see it move fully from normal closed to fully open towards the vacuum inlet; if you do not see the movement and you are sure the vacuum is there.. the ext switch is either jammed or bad).    If the car is old and you get heat with the above test method.. you might consider leaving the alternative vacuum source connected in the test mode (YES jerry rigged) for the winter and re-connect them as normal in the spring?   The usual alternative source of vacuum is simply the one going into the firewall that is supposed to give the interior dash controls the vacuum that comes back out to operate the ext switch.   In any case don't degrade any important vacuum lines,  make sure they are in good cond and not leaking , as it can degrade fuel economy if you are not careful about where you take the vacuum from.

If the switch is working with alternative vacuum source, start looking very closely at the vacuum lines to from firewall, ext switch, and vacuum source and also inside the dash controls.  if the ext htr switch is good and activated open, and you still get little or no heat; check the both water hoses going into firewall (to heater core) are both hot (not lukewarm; if one is hot and the other only warm then the heater core may be clogged, you can disconnect both heater hoses at firewall and with LOW pressure of no more than 18psi (normal house water is 45 psi) back flush the heater core to remove debris and slag (corrosion by product).    

If both heater hoses are hot.. the core is not clogged and you then need to start looking at the heater "door" that blends the heated air with the outside air, sometimes they jam.. and need a little oil.. you might if possible depending on model, drill very lightly a small hole just above the hinge point and inject some oil.. then work the temp lever back and forth hoping to unjam the door.. other methods (if car is old )are to get some kind of wire attached to the blend door and push pull it manually to adjust heat level. 

 IF you are getting steam into car you have a heater core or hose leak.  bad.. fix it quick or disconnect heater hoses altogether.. or you won't be able to see or breathe.

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