Lets Save Ourselves !

Peace in OUR time ?

TAKE THE PEACE QUIZ :   Why shouldn't there be peace in our time ?   So you can see that PEACE IS ALWAYS THE BEST COURSE OF ACTION for reasons given below now:

1.   If people are prone to violence it makes it very easy for the devil'ers to incite a war or conflict.. they just have to provoke both sides pretending to be the opposite side.. IE Team A vs TEAM B... a mole comes in, pretending to be on both teams : he/she first pretends to be on team A and provokes Team B, then he simply goes to "join" Team B and provokes Team A...  This happened in April-May 2014 in Kiev Ukraine when "someone" was shooting at both sides of the demonstrations vs the Govt, it worked to create anarchy. 
     Once the fighting starts the "Jackal" bails out and sits back and laughs while good people fight each other..  neat trick right? ... $$$ for the WarPorngers! 
BUT if all the Teams refuse violence in any form.. then nothing happens and eventually the Jackal' is found out and can be "put into appropriate therapy".. case in point.. HITLER Told the german people that POLAND invaded germany and killed the men and raped the women and even worse to the children... of course the germans (being whipped to a frenzy and now prone to violence wanted to get even, and so supported the division of Poland by Stalin and Hitler... they were friends until the devil got them to turn on each other as well eventuall (rats always do each other wrong eventually even though they may cooperate for a short time).
2.   Question:  if you put 100 warmongers in a room, each with 10 grenades,  how long will it be before they are all dead (nuclear winter)... ?  Now do same for 100 PeaceNiks.. !
3.  Its the environment:  meaning how you were raised and what friends and value system your peer group and family put on you...
4.  IF you don't believe 3.  ask question:  What if two infants were switched at birth to opposite economic and value families;  swap a crack house newborn with a newborn from a fantastic rich neighborhood with great values and morals:  which one would have the criminal rap sheet as long as your arm in the end by age 18 ?  
  People CHOKE on questions like these,, but THAT IS WHY JESUS IS REALLY MUCH WISER TO ASK US TO CHOOSE PEACE INSTEAD OF WAR !   After all HIS KINGDOM is NOT of this world .. so this world doesn't really matter does it so much?
       Cheers to you and thanks for helping promote Peace on Earth as it is in Heaven !  You don't have to believe in GOD but just support a good spirit that wants us to cooperate and help each other;  that way the kids grow up less violent and everyone prospers instead of just the war mongers. 

Adding Fun

Write to " InventPeace@AOL.COM " to join the group... we email information that is helpful to quick news flashs, heath food, health home remedies, Lower PROPERTY Tax, Save our Homes, and peace efforts !   WRITE TO JOIN TO EMAIL:     INVENTPEACE@AOL.COM , you will added to a blog in which the above issues are discussed.   IF anyone KNOWS PAUL McCartney, please ask him to write to us, and let us know if he can Support our Efforts to Promote a PEACE FESTIVAL in CENTRAL FLORIDA , not so far from ORLANDO, FL.   THANK YOU (ahead of time )  ! 

Welcome to INVENTPEACE.COM write to " INVENTPEACE@AOL.COM " to join the group..

We advocate Peace Now In our Life times !  

Jesus is the King of Peace, Not War !

 We don't think we should be waiting for the "Super Rich Powers that Be" to reward the world with peace when in fact they make so much money they don't really want peace.  Its sad but true:  the rich kids go to Harvard, Yale, and other Ivy League Schools while the poor to go to VietRaqIstans's to die or come home without arms and legs !  

 Henry Ford said: "The Rich make money on the graves of the poor!"  He also vowed to never ever allow any military production of any type ever take place in any of his factories for anyones military period.

Thomas Jefferson noticed that the military suppliers were happy when wars broke out;  He commented " We must be very careful about the arms suppliers as they grow too "FOND" of war ! " 

         BENJAMIN FRANKLIN: said, " An ounce of PREVENTION is worth a POUND of Cure  ! "   Case in point, the Pope, asked PUTIN (president of Russia) and the Ukraine president, to work harder for peace, now just this last week in June 2014, PUTIN actually has asked his parliament to take away his power to wage war!!! AMAZING !!! Last word as of 24 June 2014 was that cease fire is working already!!!  See, just a tiny effort "CAN" yield great results !  

Also please join us in our efforts to get world leaders to work alot harder for peace (zero effort seems to be the rule of the day so far).  We need a USA Dept of PEACE that would be funded with 1% of the war funding (that 1% will outweigh all the 99% that is spent to pursue war$).

 Join by writing to thanks.  Peace be to all !


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**Yes most people know the good spirit of PEACE as Jesus but unfortunately "FollyWood" and Big Biz have highjacked the name to mean pro-war.  Now christians are being "stiffed" even hunted all over the world because of their mistaken association with war and violence. True christians are for peace not war !  Thus we say that If a person who goes to church twice a week is for war, they are not really following Christ, if an atheist is for peace, really he/she is really following christ! The IRONY of it is sad ! 

"Blessed are the feet of those who bring tidings of Peace "  (bible new testament)

Blessed are those who are Peace Makers for they shall be called the Sons of GOD (bible New Testament).



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The Good Spirit is of Peace (not war) !



Help us prevent nuclear Winter !

The purveyors of war want us to do nothing, because that enables them (the warmongers, many of whom are simply caught up in the whole defense industry "inertia" because they need jobs too and want to have a decent living ) .   But really doing this adds to the problem, we have too much emphasis on war, and the provoking of countries so that there always seems to be a war going on with USA troops involved somewhere in the world all the time.   We need to get off of this additction to the profits of war for the super rich (SR).   The USA is LAST in the race for alternative energy, isn't that sad and shocking ?  We could be doing so much more to save the 1000 species that (biologists say) are going extinct every year !